Power Prints: Giving zhoosh to the power suit

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Power dressing became very big during the 1980s. The ‘Power Suit’, with large shoulder pads, in dark colours like navy, grey and black, were worn by executives, men and women, and still are today to an extent. Tailoring is a staple in most people’s wardrobe. Even if you do not wear a suit to work, you will still probably own at least one suit in your life to wear to those obligatory family events. But owning a suit doesn’t have to be a chore. They no longer just come in the mundane colours of business dress. A new and exciting time in tailoring has arrived.

Printed suits hit the high street properly in the Spring/Summer of 2012. Worn by such celebrities as Edith Bowman, seen wearing a full printed suit in the Vue Cinema advert that ran throughout last Summer. The colours of last year’s suits were very subtle, often shown in pale blues and grey, or neutral colours. However, this year, particularly in menswear, we are seeing much brighter, bolder colours with exciting, ethnic influenced prints. Designers have re-invented the Aztec trend from 2012 and made it much more intense and structured.

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The suit that I love the most this season, and have bought myself, is this fantastic suit from H&M. It is an amazing green, turquoise and grey print. This suit would make an incredible statement. With its skinny fit trousers and slim fit blazer, it is a fantastically affordable suit that will make a real impact. Wear it with a crisp, white shirt for a smart, fresh look this Spring. Or alternatively pair it with a simple tee for a more casual look. This is such a versatile suit, as by taking just the trousers or the blazer, you can sample this stylish trend. The full suit won’t be for everyone or for every situation, so separate them. Wear the blazer with a pair of denim shorts or jeans, as another way of wearing this print. Buying any of the great printed suits this year will be a great acquisition as you’re instantly adding at least three new looks to your existing wardrobe.

The prints we’re seeing this season have their roots embedded in ethnic origins and designs. Traditional Indian and African textiles are influencing a lot of designers in their choice of colour and print size. Small, circular, repeated patterns in reds and turquoises are featuring prominently. These colours compliment this season’s other colour trends, orange and yellow, as well as looking great with classic monochromes.

Being in a recession has understandably changed people’s attitudes towards buying ‘big ticket’ items like tailoring. Often suits on the high street can be £200-300, which is a lot to spend on what some people consider a luxury. But with the H&M suit, and many like it this season, coming in at just £100, you’re not making such a monetary investment.

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With so many amazing prints in store this season, there’s no reason for you not to experiment with a little print.

Model: Art Williams, Photographer: Paul Strowger, Assistant: Danielle Bussell.

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