Pradasphere at Harrods

Elliot Rose

Until the 29th of May, Harrods are showcasing the best of Prada in a the eloquently titled Pradasphere. Following on from last year’s successful collaboration with Dior, this month the 4th floor’s exhibition space is housing a collection of all things Prada, with further Prada centric offerings present throughout the store.

The exhibition itself is very impressive, featuring a brilliantly edited selection of clothes, shoes and accessories from the Prada archive. The room centres around six giant glass cabinets, each containing looks organised by theme. With everything from sleek 90’s minimalism, to today’s signature look of classic blended with irreverence,  for anyone with an interest in style there’s serious potential to say goodbye to a couple of hours. The accessories and shoes on show add to experience further, my personal highlights being the original platform soles that inspired a thousand copies, and the 50’s automotive inspired heels of a few seasons ago. And it wouldn’t be Prada without bags: the leather goods on show are top drawer. The only negative is that it’s all behind glass, presumably to deter visitors like me from playing dress up.


Aside from the intensely finessed fashion on show, there’s also an intriguing collection of other Prada led artifacts. A wall showing a detailed account of the brand’s history makes for interesting viewing, the books on display are worth a look and so is the architect’s model of Prada’s new HQ in a redeveloped brewery in southern Milan.

Aside from the main exhibition, other parts of Harrods have taken on a Prada feeling for the month of may. The stores famous windows are devoted to the brand, there’s a typically Prada pop up store on the ground floor and a gorgeous café next to Pradasphere, which is operated by legendary Milan patisserie Marchesi.

For the rest of the month, Harrods will be celebrating all things Prada, and whether or not you’re a fan of the brand, it’s definitely worth a visit.

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