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It is a common understanding that men just shampoo and go in terms of hair care. Over the past few years it has become the norm that men take care of their luscious locks. After all, you don’t want to become bald at 20 now?

People can sometimes believe that getting the wrong style is the reason why their hair looks awful and therefore it is the hair-stylist/barber/ that has it wrong. Whilst this is true, and you should definitely be paying more then a fiver for a decent haircut, more often then not it is the condition of the hair that makes a huge difference. Getting the correct shampoo and conditioner will help a great deal. This may seem like an expensive trial but if you do your research you should find the best one for you relatively cheaply.

Basically speaking shampoos take products and oils out of the hair as it cleanses and conditioners put them back in, hydrates and softens. It is also quite hard to figure out what type of hair you have. Dry, oily, combination or bad scalp. If you’ve just read this and know instantly what your hair type is then great, if you are still unsure ask someone and give things a go. From drugstore to high end, different things work for different people. I would say that drugstore brands tend to have a LOT of chemicals in them, whereas more high end brands do not.

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Getting regular haircuts is also a good thing. Every 6 weeks or so go and get a haircut even if it is just a trim. This will make sure that the style is kept and the hair condition will continue to flourish for the next two months. Hairdressers are there to help so don’t take every product they use on you as a hard-sell. If they ruin your hair then they are liable and their reputation goes down. They are there to make money, but are also there to help you. Relax.

In terms of products and styling, this is a very personal opinion. Some don’t like product in their hair whilst some put a little too much in. Personally speaking, I don’t like product in my hair but I will put some in when the occasion is right. If your hair is in good enough condition then the oils in your hair will almost style it ‘naturally.’ The styling product is just for an extra oomph. With styling I would definitely get higher quality products as cheaper products can damage the hair and cause a lot more product build-up – (this is why you should use a clarifying shampoo once a week.)

Treating your hair to a good hair treatment or mask will also make the world of difference. Again, go with your hair type and what suits you.

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