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As the typically British weather further tightens its grips on us, it’s fair to say we are all ready for a drastic change in climate. However, if like me you don’t own a private jet, there are ways to make the most out of a bad situation. I am of course talking about clothing choices.

Ever left the house recently and been subjected to a flash attack of rain to the face? Or possibly a chill so fierce making its way through you optimistic ‘jacket’ that it causes the dreaded ‘nip on’, or in some cases ‘nip drop-off’? Well if this is the case, then update your wardrobe and battle the weather. It looks like it could be a long standing foe for quite some time to come.

I want to firstly get it into the open that dressing for rain doesn’t mean digging out your pack-a-mac from 1999, nor does it involve trudging around in Uggs so battered they look like they need a call to the RSPCA. With just a few key pieces you can be well on your way to making it a more bearable experience, while still clutching tight to your credibility in the fashion stakes. Below is a list of some suggested pieces I believe will aid you in your battle against ‘Battered Britain’:

The Coat: There is no reason why anyone should be parading around in a light jacket or, worse still at the opposite end of the spectrum, a duffle trench coat. Neither are in my eyes acceptable and will more than likely cause nasty afflictions to fellow members of the public’s retinas. Keep it simple and keep it smart. Topman’s ‘Rain Yellow Waterproof’ (£70.00) seems like an obvious choice to me. The canary yellow colour, smacks of peacocking and confidence. With a regular, casual fit and key details, such as an adjustable hood, air circulation points and flap pockets, this is easily a piece to be considered. Who said waterproofs had to be olive green and so Barbour it hurts.


Footwear: As mentioned above, wearing what resembles a battered animal clinging onto your feet for dear life is not the best way to put your fashion foot forward. Comfort and practicality go hand in hand with the Zara stretch ankle boot (£39.99). A nod back to a classic Chelsea boot and matt black appearance are perfect for pairing with a pair of black drainpipes and the above jacket.


Accessories: Of course we all know that wearing the hood up on your jacket is sacrilegious. We all know they’re meant to just sit at the back of your coat and look pretty. The reason for this is more often than not we all look like a KP Peanut or Hayley Cropper in her signature duffle, RIP. No this is where you can head for a more visually pleasing alternative such as an oversized beanie or, my personal favourite, a peaked cap. H&M have earned their fashion credentials with the named products both featuring heavily, in their latest accessory range. My pick would have to be the turquoise/royal blue hybrid, snake print beanie (£6.99) for adding a pop of gusty colour and print to any outfit.


Bag: The bag will be the ultimate statement piece and the go to place for pulling out that umbrella, daily basic essentials and in my case, the holiday brochure. My personal choice is the Louis Vuitton Bosphore back pack (£1,160) which has adorned my back for a few months now. It is the ultimate piece in fashion status, due to the exquisite detailing and monogram print, as well as the desirability of the brand name. It was once described to me, while wearing it, that I looked like ‘a hipster with money’ which let’s face it, sank quicker than a lead balloon. For me it inhabits functionality, with a multitude of pockets and still oozes style.


Another great choice for the mentioned attributes is the Converse All in Backpack from Footasylum (£29.99). Incredibly deep and spacious, the detailing is kept to a minimum, to allow the brand monogram to add the key detail it so needs.


However you battle through in the coming weeks, be sure to follow at least some of my advice. I’d hate to splash you on the kerb driving past, which have no illusions, I will be doing if I so much as see a summer jacket or a pair of fur boots. Keep it fun and keep it practical!

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