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Clothing brand Reality Dreams is proving that style and innovation can form the most perfect marriage. With a vast range of clothes – from printed tees to sweats – it’s the introduction of hydrophobic treatment that pushes this brand poles apart from its rivals.

With many brands offering a line look of garments, it’s the innovation that can really solidify a brand and allow them to get ahead of the competition. Reality Dreams is a brand that’s steps ahead with their new technique, making their garments both spill repellent and extremely breathable.

I was fortunate recently to get my hands on one of the many tees from their extensive range. I have to be honest and say the fit was very generous, so I would suggest ordering a size smaller than normal. The prints on these garments are so carefully considered and the screens cover a large area of the tee, creating the most visual impact.

The site itself is easy to navigate and also includes videos to show how the hydrophobic treatment works – which makes for a fascinating watch if you’re curious.

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But it’s the spill-repellant finish that really makes a difference. This practical extra finishing can be added to any order you make through their website at a small cost. Simply select the REP-L Hydrophobic option before you add your purchase to the shopping cart and they’ll make sure your t-shirt or sweater gets their special treatment.


If, like myself, you attract stains like a magnet the very moment you wear white, then the specialised hydrophobic treatment is for you. Virtually any spill can be washed away with just plain water, which means no more awkward hand covering if you stain your top on a night out, or a meal (we’ve all been there!).


The beauty of the hydrophobic treatment is you can’t actually feel the effect of it on the garment and therefore the material still holds its integrity and soft handling. I cannot rave about this brand enough – if I could take the whole collection, I would – and knowing how accident prone I am, the hydrophobic option seems reasonable.

For further information please visit the official site reality-dreams.co.uk.

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