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With Red Nose day having come and gone in a blaze of celebrities and dodgy haircuts, and the small matter of £75 million for charity, there are still a large number of ways to get involved and raise even more. It’s very easy to do something funny for money. This year even more of the fashion world has taken part in raising money for the cause.

First of all winner of British designer of the year, Stella McCartney, has put together a collection of t-shirts especially for the cause featuring a vest for women with Kate Moss on, or a t-shirt for men with the Beatles on it. Both of which can be purchased through TK Maxx  here.

As many may have become aware from the news over the past few days, Rihanna posted some pictures of herself wearing one of Miss McCartney’s creations and nothing else at all. In her own signature way she has helped raise awareness of the charity around the world, hopefully helping raise profits even further.

Along with the efforts made by McCartney, David Gandy the famous face, and abs of the Dolce and Gabbana adverts launched an ebay auction last week to raise money for his blue steel campaign. This features a series of fashion events in aid of raising funds throughout the year for Red Nose Day. With their donations of unique prizes and rare experiences, huge names such as Louis Vuitton, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham have contributed to the campaign.

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Some of these wonderful prizes include the opportunity to spend time with designer Roland Mouret and his design team, a prize I would personally be desperate to get hold of. Victoria Beckham has offered up tickets to her Spring/Summer 2014 show at New York Fashion Week, another amazing experience that any fashion lover would want to get their hands on. Finally, but definitely not least the chance to win a lunch at the Louis Vuitton apartment in London.

Of course included along with these offers there are some David Gandy specials for the lucky winners, which include the chance to have a Vogue cover portrait taken with the model himself and being able to spend the day with him whilst he is on set for the shoot of his lucky jeans campaign in the USA.

Bidding for the prizes will officially close on the 17th March, with new items having been added to the list throughout the week. There are a vast amount of celebrities and fashionistas that have gotten involved with raising money for Red Nose Day this year and it could not be much easier for you to contribute by clicking on the link above leading to the TK Maxx website where you can purchase your own Stella McCartney goods.

Show off your support for Comic Relief by wearing it on your chest for everyone to see. I have my Marilyn Monroe t-shirt on while I sit here typing away, it’s hot.

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