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Sobbing desperately I’m looking for a way to escape. I’m distraught, angered, jealous and in despair. All of these emotions result in me having a hissy fit and refusing to move for quite some time.

I’m cleaning my wardrobe out.

Now I don’t want this piece to be one of those ridiculous articles you read in generic magazines such as “50 new ways to reinvigorate your wardrobe” or my personal favourite “Out with the old and in with the chic”.

Could they not find a better title? Were they busy whilst writing it and became distracted? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Back to my wardrobe meltdown. I’m staring at my bed, which you should know is littered with everything I own, and I’m wondering what I should wear to the London collections men shows. It hits me that I actually have nothing to wear. Not a simple black blazer or high waisted jean combo can be found. It’s a travesty. I hate the clothes I’ve bought and if I still had the receipts I’d take them back a.s.a.p.

So I grab my bank card, I load up my macbook and I hit the online shops.

Now as I’m scrolling through the pages I notice all the clothes I’ve bought on these websites. And actually they look fine. What is it about these clothes that aren’t doing it for me anymore. Well, it’s very simple. Styling.

It’s a known fact that every fashionista, including me, goes through stages where they lose their styling flair. Not that any of them will admit it but it does happen to everyone. Every baggy jumper looks terrible with the jeans you’ve picked out. The bag you thought was oh so chic just looks like a disgusting Dunlop messenger bag. Oh and those shoes you thought would make you look a bit different, well they did the job – you look terrible.

But after looking through these websites I found how they had styled the particular piece and really fell in love with it again. It’s amazing how refreshing a simple thing like revaluating certain styles can do for your inner fashion god. Pairing that different shirt with that oversized jumper, or maybe adding trainers to a formal outfit can give it that quirky edge. It really does make a difference. Websites such as Mr Porter, ASOS and even Selfridges can give you styling techniques, street style and even online chatting to a stylist. You have nothing to lose but your time.

If you’re on your smart phone, try screenshotting outfits you love and putting them in an album. Go through it when you’re stuck for fashspiration. See what I did there. Hilarious I know.

It’s time for you to swallow your pride and sometimes admit you need help. It’s very hard to do I know, but it’s the smartest move I’ve made. Now my self-esteem, bank balance and love of clothes have all maintained a steady balance in my life. Try it out – you may be surprised.

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