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Animal Print

Men’s appeal for the animal print trend started in Milan and the love for this style seems to have spread and hit London, as demonstrated during Men’s fashion week last month. This proved that menswear has become brighter, bolder and braver than ever before. This follows a lot of criticism of the plank head pieces created by Craig Green, who had the last laugh when his headpieces were nominated for London’s design of the year award.

Menswear is now booming, and the attention isn’t on plain old boring grey suits. What is being seen is a reaction to the new and improved demand by London’s male shoppers who are becoming more adventurous with their fashion choices than ever before.
Menswear offered on our high streets is quickly becoming as innovative as the women’s collections, much to many young fashion followers’ delights. Constantly shopping with girl friends has always made me feel slightly jealous as to how many options women’s trends provide. It now seems men have just as many choices, if not at times more, and it could not be more welcome.

In amongst the trends that will always remain staple popular choices, like crew neck sweaters and slim cut denim, we are able to find metallic rain coats, floral printed sweaters and now leopard print, which is fast becoming the most popular trend at the moment. Stores are struggling to keep up with the demand and are being left with limited sizes on sale. The growing love for this trend was only further highlighted at men’s fashion week all along the front row, with attendees opting for knitted sweaters, shirts with rolled up sleeves and t-shirts in animal print.

Christopher Kane offered up designs that relied on the print to add a subtle depth to his knitwear collection, whilst Sibling used exaggerated leopard print in their ‘chunky’ knitwear.

Online menswear haven, Mr Porter, chose a selection of leopard prints from the Sibling collection to feature in a one-off capsule from London Collection: Men. The designs that include a pink wool sweater and navy blue t-shirt can now be found at various online stores.

One of the Sibling designers Jo Bates has stated that the success of their latest collection is all down to men’s new found confidence towards fashion trends. Men seem to be more celebratory with how they present themselves, with a return to what is known as ‘peacock’ dressing. No longer afraid to stand out, men don’t want to fit into the crowd, they want to be seen.

This may be a trend that more conservative dressers find hard to deal with, but personally I am falling in love with it. With more and more items of clothing of this style being seen out, it seems this trend will only go from strength to strength.

Yet there seem to be a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing this trend. Some argue that leopard print looks better on the more youthful wearers as it can look great combined with elements of streetwear. A leopard print denim jacket looks stylish teamed with skinny jeans and high tops.

A key to this trend is ensuring that what you purchase has masculine cuts, anything too low cut or tight fitting can lead to you looking far more camp than wanted. A skin tight t-shirt in leopard print must be avoided at all costs, but a leopard print Christopher Kane scarf is bang on trend and a must for any budding fashion lover.

Even if it does not seem like it would appeal to you at first, give it a try. Next time you’re out shopping pick up a leopard print item and try it on. You never know, you may love it and the look could be great on you.

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