‘Running Out Of Time’ – Fashion Film By Dean Freeman

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Out of the many things that drop into my inbox, the new short film by Dean Freeman has definitely been a highlight for me.

‘Running Out Of Time’ is the latest in the international, icon makers increasing film portfolio. This beautiful short film is the first fashion endeavour that Freeman has undertaken since being signer to Ridley Scott and Associates (RSA Films). Having been a fanatic of his work for some time, and having seen more of Dean’s recent work, ‘Girls Love Candy’ and ‘L.A Gang’  it was an inevitability that his talents would be discovered and put to spectacular use.

This new film, is wonderfully stylish featuring clothes by Dior and Valentino, two of the most elegant and effortlessly feminine designers, and two of my all time favourites. The film starts off with a woman (Amanda Viola) running through a deserted L.A in a stunning Haute Couture Dior dress. Her destination unknown and unimportant all your attention is drawn to the dress moving beautifully around her.

She is then featured in an L.A Mansion where she changes into another dress, after playing and exploring the house. This gorgeous, white Valentino dress, not as decadent as the Dior but equally elegant, paired with a vintage hat and brown lace-up boots, styled by Chloe Richardson, is the perfect ensemble to see her running through the wilderness.

This film is an exquisite addition to Dean Freeman’s portfolio and I cannot wait to see what comes next from this incredibly talented director.

Running Out of Time, a short film by Dean Freeman from Celestine on Vimeo.

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