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Hello everyone – my name’s Alex, and I am materialistic. That felt good to get off my chest. Excuse me whilst I wipe my brow on my gorgeous Hermes handkerchief.  The first step on the road to recovery is to admit you have a problem.

But do I?  Is materialism such a bad thing?  Commonly viewed as shallow, materialistic people aren’t viewed in the most positive light. However I don’t agree, I think differently. I like nice things. Is that a crime? No!  I like nice clothes, accessories, shoes and they make myself feel good by knowing I am wearing good fashion. However much I’d like to lie and say I can afford luxury all of the time I can’t! And the vast majority of us can’t.  But what I can afford is good and I love wearing it all.   Dressing up in the mornings isn’t a chore – it’s exciting!

“What shoes am I going to wear?” Will this jacket go with this jumper?”  “I have the cutest scarf to compliment this fabulous ensemble” – just a few of the thoughts that go through my head.

What I’m saying is that clothes make me happy, yet for some reason this is deemed materialistic.  Material objects giving someone so much pleasure isn’t good? Shouldn’t I be feeling good without the need for material possessions?  Well to a degree I should feel happy in myself and my life and the people I chose to surround myself, and I 100% do, but my clothes are an extension of my happiness.

Here’s an example. 

There are men who are obsessed with golf. They go 2-3 times a week, reading the latest golfing magazine and spend a fortune on clubs, balls and whatever is related with golf. Don’t ask me.  But this isn’t deemed materialistic?  Why?  Because golf is considered a “ hobby” and should therefore warrant the spending of obscene amounts of money.  Whereas when I leave Selfridges with a burning hole in my wallet it’s considered in some circles “ greedy “

I think I say for us all shoppers that just because we like to shop and to own nice things doesn’t make us materialistic, it makes us proud.  Proud to wear nice clothes, look nice and to feel good about ourselves. Others do yoga, go to the gym or even have weekly massages.  Us?  We shop.

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To make myself somewhat remotely grown up I sign my name Alexander, but most refer to me as Alex. A blogger, retail enthusiast and, for my sins, a student studying at London College of Fashion. In between studying and working you may find me in Oxford street doing what I like to call "extreme shopping".