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Shopping is a frivolous and time consuming chore for some, but for me it’s a task I seek solace in, keeping me inspired as a designer and writer. I like to believe that my ability to shop is a gift, to the extent that I have an outfit planned out quicker than you can say ‘chip and pin’. I’m often asked why I choose to shop so much and generally, I offer up some half-hearted explanation that its ‘market research’.

There is of course an element of truth to this, as it’s a great place for gaining full exposure of emerging trends which have trickled down from the elite fashion houses. With an array of choice and clothing stores, it can often be a bit of a ‘child in a sweetshop’ moment, trying to sift through the choice of trends. Men’s fashion it seems is greatly emerging as a front runner in innovation of styling, colour and texture.

Jocks and Geeks

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A strong look still making itself known is the laid back aesthetic of the jock, perfectly juxtaposed by the niche geek look. Both offer a different outcome in terms of the final look, but they offer the same objective, which is to make a statement. The traditional jock jacket has been revamped over the last year or so and we can now see stunning, well cut jackets in fabrics such as air-tex and screen printed satin to keep the look fresh and age appropriate. For the many geeks out there, I would advise steering clear of the often bashed ‘geek tee’s’ as this doesn’t even register on my fashion radar as something to give a second thought to. Get the true geek look by pairing cashmere polo necks with chunky knit cardigans and drainpipe moleskin trousers, keeping the look modern by styling with high tops or Vans.

Black on Black

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Black is often discredited as being a colour option, due to the visual fact it hardly screams and shouts ‘rainbow bright’. This being said there are many variations of the colour black and layering together these colours, will give a very cohesive and strong look. Working in texture will keep the look more fashion conscious and less Marilyn Manson. Working with a variety of fabrics, such as delicate chiffon as an alternative to a tee, will look exquisite layered under a tough black leather biker jacket. I have often said I will stop wearing black when they create another colour which makes me look like a Dior Homme model circa Hedi Slimane’s reign.

Baseball jerseys

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Tricky territory if ever there was any, as if worn incorrectly you either look like an Eminem wannabe or a cast member from ‘3 Ninjas at High Noon’. The baseball jersey traditionally worn by players at games has been a preferred shirt choice for the last year and it is ever growing. Due to the silhouette they tend to have a deep shoulder drop and much lengthier sleeve, which is why buying the correct size will make a difference. If like me you are vertically challenged, you don’t want to get them too loose or it will look like you’re being smothered to death by printed jersey.  These can also work as great jacket option, by layering a long sleeved top underneath and un-buttoning the baseball jersey at the front.

Sports Footwear

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Whether its Nike or converse the trainer has become the ultimate choice of footwear to top off most of this season’s look. In terms of aesthetics these were of course designed as a supplement to gym wear for ease of training, but in recent years the clever introduction of colour and texture has given the men’s trainer market an uplift. Sites are now also available where you have the opportunity to have custom made trainers at a hefty price. However if you don’t have such a vast disposable income, then try Schuh or Size. My particular favourites are the vintage Nike Air Max trainers, or my often hammered black Vans, which accompany most outfits with ease.

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