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As Winter bears an even tighter hold on us, we vow to protect ourselves against the elements. We layer up our clothing and try to grasp onto as much body heat as possible. However, the often neglected and overlooked area we should be paying attention to, is our skin. Due to the effects of the harsh outdoor elements and changes in rapid temperature, due to central heating, we can leave our skin dehydrated, dry, sore and most importantly under-nourished. Much like you put a coat on to protect yourself from the rain, you should apply a barrier to your skin as protection. This can come in the form of a moisturiser, or a primer with an SPF factor.

A great family of skincare, I have always had great trust in, is that of Dermalogica. It is a company that prides itself on skin health. The effects of said heat can also lead to the over production of dead skin cells, thus leading to blocked pores and dead skin cell build up. This is why it is imperative that we ensure the products we are using give us as much protection and prevention as we can get. The main steps to healthier and glowing skin are: exfoliation, cleansing, toning and moisturising.

With the above in mind, it’s worthwhile visiting one of the highly trained specialists that work tirelessly to share their knowledge and offer you the best possible products for your various needs and requirements. A service such as face mapping, can really ensure you are educated in where to place products, their general uses, and the condition of your skin. Hydration is the ultimate sticking point to fresh, youthful skin. It helps by filling out any small lines and keeps the skin plump. On top of this we must use a moisturiser tailored for our skin type. I have always suffered with pimple prone skin and find heavy formulations tend to clog my skin too much. It’s therefore essential for me that I cleanse my skin, and prepare it for a lighter weight moisturiser.

I recently had the great pleasure of investing in some of the Dermalogica products, which included the Age Smart range. Below I will list all of the products used, the uses and what effect they had on my skin:

Ultra Calming Cleanser (£26.30)


As the formulation of this is very gentle, it is ideal for most skin types. It contains such ingredients as Dermalogica’s Anti-Ozonate Complex, an extremely powerful anti-oxidant which can help banish skin damage. It’s widely one of the strongest anti-oxidants and it’s this unique selling point that to me cements my trust in Dermalogica as a brand. The cleanser itself doesn’t have an overpowering fragrance and is very rich and creamy. Working over the skin in small circular, upwards motions, it’s important you cleanse from your neck upwards. Unlike most cleansers that tend to strip the skin, this one is very light, gentle and still left me with supple skin and reduced pore size. A little tip is to use a soft cloth to remove the cleanser and always ensure you work up, making sure you never drag the skin down.

Super Rich Repair (£60.70)


This came as a surprise due to the fact it’s a very heavyweight moisturiser. As it’s part of the Age Smart range, the formulation is much thicker to allow greater skin absorption and moisture to the skin. As mentioned, I usually use a lightweight moisturiser, but having trialled this for over a week I have to say I was most pleased. Although the formulation is rich, it was most beneficial for my skin. As well as developing improved elasticity and tone, the powerful peptides stimulate collagen production, which helps to plump and fill out any fine lines. This product is amazing for protecting against cold and dry environmental conditions. As with the cleanser work the product in small, circular, upwards motions.

Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque (£34.50)


From time to time we all need that extra boost to deeply nourish our fatigued and stressed skin. The perfect solution is this product with its combination of vitamins A, C, E, F and ProVitamin B5. There are plentiful active ingredients to create an ultra-powerful masque. This product is best applied once exfoliation of the skin has been completed. It will alleviate any hyper sensitivity that your skin may have, unfortunately experienced due to temperature changes in the climate, or severe weather. As I approach my 30s I really need to take stock and begin to nurture my skin, so that later on in my adulthood it will be the best it can possibly be. This masque hydrated my skin, soothed small areas of redness and also helped to alleviate painful pimples. Most common skin complaints are that of black heads and large pores, due to the over build-up of sebum. As a sufferer of oily skin myself, I found this masque essential to working deep into my pores to even out my skin tone. This made make-up application much easier and left my skin a lot suppler to work with. Another fabulous product as part of the Age Smart range, ideal for most skin types.

Skin Hydrating Booster (£51.00)

skin hydrating booster

This really does what it says on the bottle and achieves a much needed boost to the skin. With active ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, it’s ideal for reducing fine lines and flakiness, which is often experienced by those with combination skin. I used this after a deeply relaxing bath, so to open up my pores and allow my skin care routine to be as seamless and productive as possible. After using the Ultra Calming Cleanser, I added a layer of the Skin Hydrating Booster. I always find that with freshly cleansed and slightly damp skin, products seem to take better to the skin and absorb rapidly. After a very long day of outdoor shopping, this proved just the tonic to give me a much deserved boost. I would recommend using this as and when necessary if you have oily skin, but if you have dry skin, I would be inclined to use this every other day. Recommended for all skin types, this is a staple product that you must have to hand through the harsh weather conditions

I love these products and I feel I got a great result from using them. My skin is always something I am conscious of and have in all fairness tried most potions, lotions and prescription pills out there, all to no avail. However, with Dermalogica’s dedication to offering the best formulations and products, I felt a great amount of trust in the potential result. I was far from disappointed. In comparison to other skin care brands out there, these are at a higher price point, but I am always of the mind-set, that you get what you pay for. There should be no price on having clear, hydrated and glowing skin. These are investment products and will serve you well if used in conjunction with additional advice, from their skincare specialists.


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