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Accessories are by far the most important item of clothing. They can be used to expertly fuse a look together, which is something I have always had a fondness for.

Whether it’s bags or shoes, the key is choosing well. You should choose to not only suit your style, but most importantly to make fashion fun.

If we take a look at Jeremy Scott for Moschino, you will recognise the Barbie and McDonald’s core collections, with a vast array of unique pieces. Who can forgot the blow up Barbie bag, which I would sell my left arm for – any takers by the way? What Jeremy has done and always has, is bring a sense of joviality to clothing and a great sense of artistic freedom.

Now of course this huge leap of extrovert styling has to at some point trickle into our great high street and the gazillion websites out there. One site I have always held very dear is Skinnydip London.

Their huge success and penchant for understanding the balance between kitsch and surreal has led to their pieces retailing in stores such as Topshop.

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My first experience of Skinnydip was a gorgeous phone case – which, granted, weighed more than my hand luggage, but I had to have it. Encrusted with multi-faceted jewels and a large brushed gold skull motif, it had to come home with me.

To make your shopping experience that more focused and cohesive, I have comprised a list of what I believe are the key pieces from the burgeoning collection.

Blue Milk Cross Body Bag



On a recent trip to London I stumbled (by stumble I mean sought out) the accessory section of Topshop and couldn’t help but feel connected to this bag. Very reminiscent of the ‘fast food’ collection by Moschino it is cleverly designed, most definitely bold and would provide a fun spin on any outfit.

The strong metallic clasps ensure the bag is secure when fastened and the durable leather is sturdy enough to retain its shape. My only comment with regards to the design is I think a chain would have been more robust for the strap, whereas the current rope strap will likely weaken over time.

At the time of going to press I haven’t used this bag yet, but when I do I will pair it with my dungarees, polka dot shirt and Alexander McQueen high tops – that’s right, styling milk just got real!!

Bonnie Pouch Clutch Bag



My first reactions to this bag were ‘awwwww’ and ‘too cute’, which I believe embody the very heart of the design. A candy pink faux fur is cleverly worked into a soft clutch, with appliqued eyes, resulting in a bag that can be styled in so many ways.

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Imagine Barbie-meets-the-Honey-Monster and that’s where this design ends up. I need this bag in my life so much and at a time where fur clutches are a big catwalk statement, it seems destined that this will happen.

Pink Shell Cross Body Bag



Little Mermaid, eat your heart out – or if you prefer something less sinister, you could just buy this bag.

Available in two colours (blue and pink) the one I would opt for is the iridescent pink, which changes hues every time the light bounces from it. Softly quilted with a generous strap, this is just the right amount of kitsch.

I can see how someone may instantly style this into a girly look, but I would almost take it the other way and go for an all guns blazing grunge look. Black ripped skinnies, Dr Martens and an over-sized shirt would be greatly enhanced by this seriously cute arm candy. Ariel would be proud!

If that hasn’t whet your appetite for more, please also note that students get 20% off their orders online – which is why I’ll be enrolling on any course I can get my hands on (not sure my outfits suit a construction degree though, ha!).


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