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Anyone who knows me well enough knows I spend a considerable amount of time in the bath. I find them the most relaxing and therapeutic ways to not only start but also to end my day. An evening soak for me can exceed an hour – especially if it’s been a particularly taxing day.

This, of course, means I invest in an incredible amount of products to preen and pamper with, from bath bombs to bath floats and from spas to washes. I thought I had covered off every luxury going – that was until I discovered a new range from Dead Sea Bath Care.

We all raise our levels of toxins daily by what we choose to eat and other factors of our lifestyles – such as smoking or air pollution. It’s of the highest importance for a healthy wellbeing, that we banish these from our systems. One of those ways might be a gruelling gym session – but I’m going to go for the easier option and use some of the wonderful Dead Sea-infused products to do the hard work. Think of it as detoxing to the highest level of decadence.

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The Dead Sea has been renowned for its popularity, bringing out people in their droves to soak up its many beneficial qualities. Many profess it has improved their dull/dry complexions and restored their bodies to peak condition.

The main beneficial properties of the Dead Sea come from the concentration of rich minerals, which carefully work to purify, strengthen and enrich tired skin cells. This results in successful renewal and regeneration of healthier skin.

Key minerals are included in the products to give a welcome boost to the skin and an overall sense of better wellbeing. A few products I had the pleasure of trialing are as follows:

Dead Sea Black Mud Mask Soap (£3.75)

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A blend of key ingredients have been expertly worked into a soap that not only fights acne, but can also treat minor skin ailments from eczema to psoriasis. The soap itself is unperfumed, which means there are no chemicals used which could dry out the skin. Instead it’s packed full of Dead Sea derivatives to replenish, stimulate blood circulation and restore water to vital body cells.

As a sufferer of breakout skin for many years, I have to be incredibly careful about the products I put on my face, so as not to aggravate my skin. I have often been advised to use tea tree-infused products for its natural antiseptic abilities, but this isn’t a smell I find very pleasing. This soap was very pleasant on the nose, and it actually worked up into a rich lather with very minimal effort.

After leaving on for the recommended three minutes, I was surprised by how fresh and clean my skin felt and it also appeared to look more glowing and rosy. This product is one I absolutely ADORED!

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Dead Sea Natural Mineral Shower Cream (£7.79)

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This super mineral-rich cream again works to directly wash away toxins from your body, to help gently restore and regenerate the epidermis, bringing it back into balance. A key ingredient in doing so is calcium which works by energising the skin. Sulphur and sodium compliment this by acting as natural cleansers. The smell isn’t overly scented – it has a very earthy tone to it – but after using this it didn’t leave any heavy after-smell on the skin. Very much the opposite, my skin felt softer and much more conditioned than using generic supermarket products, which are often laden with perfume and chemicals.

Dead Sea Aromatherapy Bath Salts (£6.58)

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Frankincense and rose petals infused this beautifully scented pot of pure bliss.

I have been an advocate of aromatherapy and its positive impact on the body and mind for many years. Scents can change our moods and play a big part in how our minds learn to adapt to situations. The delicate high note of perfumed rose and the balanced smell of spicy frankincense works by creating a relaxing effect on the mind and body.

As little as two handful per bath are needed to generate a release of the powerful scents. This formula aids in calming breathing and helping to unwind tense muscles, resulting in the perfect bathtime treat.

I may just have to up my daily bath intake, just so I can experience the calming effects of this product more regularly. A really beautiful product that most definitely delivers what it aims to offer in terms of relaxation and detoxification.

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The great news is the full extensive range of products is now available at Boots stores or direct at

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