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We’ve all done it – logged onto Instagram and double tapped so hard we nearly lose the use of our fingers. As with most of you fashionistas out there, this will undoubtedly be ever present when you see an outfit you like, or indeed your shoe envy takes hold.

With so many brands and stylists out there, it can often be a slightly daunting task to trawl through images and have no clue how you will ever achieve their finesse. Well there are a few easy steps to follow that will leave you graduating with a 1st from the university of style and social media.


Trend selection

Firstly you have to be aware of the utter barrage of trends which saturate the market season after season. It is a wise idea to narrow this down to 2 or 3 and cherry pick elements to create your own interpretation of the trend. There is nothing crasser than an individual who tries to wear all of the latest trends. The outcome can often be likened to your typical bag lady.

Know your audience

When it comes to self-promotion you have to be aware of your demographic. There is no real sense trying to entice the fashion elite if you are going to be a spokesperson for jeggings. Often accounts on Instagram and other social media outlets will have pages dedicated to niche styles and trends. Work alongside these and figure out how you can utilise your vested interest in fashion to appeal to the correct consumers.


As I’ve said time again, I am an advocate for self-expression and making a statement through your outfit choices. Granted design and style are very subjective areas to tap into, but If you feel confident in your choice, then quite frankly, to hell with ignorant opinions. This can also be heightened by your knowledge of trends, which are often put into place by the industry to give direction on new design. You can utilise the trends along with your own experimentation to execute your desired looks.


Keeping your followers’ interest is very time consuming and can be a labour of love. If you are serious about getting your style the recognition you require, then the hard work has to start and end with you. Keeping up to date via fashion journals, will keep you abreast with any changes in the industry and new pieces to try and work with. As we all know followers are like the wind, they come and go, so the correct hash tagging will ensure you are attracting those with the same key interest as yourself.

Don’t take it too seriously

We all know the fashion industry is a very cash rich one and it does take hard work, persistence and dedication to keep it going. This being said, it is also fun and incredibly diverse, so taking it too seriously is the ultimate no no. There will be a time and place for your game face and a time to let your inner diva out, choose wisely.


One final message is to network as much as possible as this will undoubtedly pave the way to exciting opportunities. It’s also great to bounce ideas around with fellow creatives and share your passion for fashion. In an often very narrow minded and judgmental society, fashion is often seen as frivolous and poncy. However, having a strong connection to people, that share and encourage your work is invaluable. Have fun and make sure you put your best foot forward (obviously wearing the right shoes).

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Well where do I start? At the very beginning, like Julie Andrews taught me.I graduated with a degree in Fashion Design in 2009 and have since set up my own bespoke clothing label.Currently working full time as a costume designer.My main passion is buying things I don't need... I WANT!