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As we pass through November, it becomes more evident that the bitter winter weather is approaching. Lashings of rain and ice cold winds are enough to make any of us curl up into a duvet burrito and not venture out.

Though with many of us not able to experience such a luxury often (with the demands of work dragging us out of the comfort of a duvet day), we can nevertheless ensure we enjoy the layering styles of winter. Getting the basics right is key and with super quirky socks from SockShop, you can have fun with your styling


With a vast range of styles from heated socks to specialised pieces, there really is something for everyone. The most eye-catching of the ranges is the novelty section. With characters from Superman to the Minions, this really is a great place for gifting ideas.

With Christmas only six weeks away, why not head over and discover the full range of products? The Superman socks even have a little satin cape attached and small details like this set them apart from other novelty suppliers


If you want a pair of cosy socks for lounging or maybe you’re a keen hiker, then SockShop can cater to these and more. The novelty socks also make a great addition to an outfit if you’re heading to a themed gathering over the festive months.

Made from beautifully sourced fabrics, you are sure to get quality and comfort along with the wow factor from these super kitsch designs. If this isn’t enough, the socks are extremely affordable and customers can take advantage of free shipping on orders over £30.

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