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Spring Ideas

As we say goodbye and an all too welcome hello to spring weather it is time to start updating your wardrobe to fit the coming warmth. Shed some layers and start showing off your style. Below I have listed some of my personal favourites that you can try out for yourself.



That’s right, florals in spring. It may seem as though this is all said and done with florals being one of the most common trends when the spring comes around and yes, for women floral dresses are very common, but for men there has been a slightly different offering. Try something off-beat by wearing florals in your accessories. If you are a fan of wearing a suit, a floral tie would complete your look gaining you some extra attention without pushing the boat out too far. It’s a look I personally think is a must.

Suede shoes

These are a trend that can never fail. Even if you feel as though you are not the most fashion conscious person ever, these are the perfect fail-safe. Suede shoes can be paired with jeans, suit trousers, shorts or chinos. There is very little chance you could possibly get it wrong. They add that extra bit of detail to any outfit. There is no shortage of this style of shoe on the high street so you won’t have to look far to find the pair that is just right for you.


Camo isn’t going anywhere this year, although it’s no longer about oversized thick jackets, instead surfacing in a slightly different style.  People aware of the street style may have already noticed that the camo trend is coming at us in an alternative style, mixing the print in different colours from blues to pinks rather than the typical greens and browns . With the typical colours being used in different prints with angular shapes giving them an edgier vibe that would appeal to a large amount of men who love their street style and want to evolve it with the coming trends.


It’s time to let colour back into your wardrobe. It may not be noticed until you step back and take a real look at others walking down the street, but most colour seems to be thrown aside in the winter months. Spring is the right time to put the darker colours to the back of the wardrobe and be a bit more creative with your colours and this season will grab onto that trend with pastels.  This style can be mixed up with block colours, with turquoise trousers, or broken up with a pastel chequed shirt. This trend compliments Spring brilliantly with its fresh looking colours that are making way for what is to come once we make our way into the Summer months.

Flash some flesh

I may not mean in the places that first come to mind, but after spending months wrapped up in layers to combat the cold it is time to let your skin breathe and the area we are talking about are your ankles. This is a trend that seems to have started on the catwalks and quickly transferred onto the street. There is something about the look that has a certain appeal. This trend can look great with a suit giving it a summery, slightly casual feel. This look does not mean you need to go sockless, to avoid any unfortunate odours that could be suffered there are plenty of places on the high street that sell invisible socks, with the ability to effortlessly give you the look you want.

Denim jackets

Denim jackets are back with a popular bang and there are several ways to pull off this look dependant on your style. Easily worn on the outside to give you a casual street style look perfect with a hat and black jeans with a t shirt underneath.   Or by contrast they can be worn under a blazer to compliment a smart look adding an extra layer of style.

Each trend can create a differing look that will bring out many different styles in the coming months that many fashion followers will want to give a try.

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