Introducing Stacy Chan’s arm candy

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As a frequent shopper , I have to say my ultimate Achilles’ heel is beautiful bags. One accessory designer leaving their mark on the fashion world and their impression on me as a fashion fanatsic is none other than Stacy Chan.

The expression arm candy could not be anymore suited than to Stacy’s truly remarkable bags. Style, quality and luxury are a perfectly married in these unique and timeless products. Whether you are looking for a robust shopper bag, or a show-stopping clutch, is sure to excite.

All of the bags in the Stacy Chan line are designed in London and constructed in Italy, using only the finest materials and artisan techniques. Each bag really is a piece of art, from the polished metal hardware to the crisp silhouettes.


Bags are not just a practical adornment for our everyday activities, they are a statement piece which can pull an outfit together or create a focal point. What Stacy Chan does with her designs is offer this unique talking point with designs so skillful that the pieces really do promise longevity. The leather shopper totes serve function and effortless style, though with prices starting at £300 upwards, these really are investment items.

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Colour palettes range from soft pastel shades, to the striking royal green and purples as used in the ‘cage’ range. The collections are very design-driven and easily lend themselves to a variety of occasions, from weddings and formal functions, to everyday duties.


With Christmas right around the corner, make the most of the latest collections, either to net some serious brownie points for a loved one or simply as a gift to yourself. Stacy Chan covers all bases in the style stakes and will guarantee to provide your outfit with the ultimate statement piece.


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