Streetwear Through Spring

John Ersing

Part of Vada Fashion’s theme for January – The Man Month.

The weather’s still cold, but getting warmer. Transitional fashion is something of a challenge in terms of layers and fabric choice. I usually sway to the side of button-up/v-neck sweater/light jacket in the touch-and-go weather months of January through March. It’s the perfect time to warm up to (pun intended) the idea of adopting a more street-savvy, casual comfort look to your wardrobe. Nowadays, there is plenty of contemporary menswear out there that looks casual without being juvenile. One doesn’t have to resort to a hooded sweatshirt and bootcut jeans to channel street-wear these days, there are slicker offerings that are more fashion-forward.

Second Sunday is a brand manufactured in Los Angeles, United States that is understated, effortless and places their design emphasis on the details in the garments. Even their plainer pieces still have an air of specificity that sets them apart from the rest. In only three years, they’ve turned out lines with both graphic and basic pieces that read more contemporary than other streetwear brands. A stand-out piece from their currently collection is a black mixed-material jacket that is warm enough to withstand the sometimes-bitter, sometimes-temperate cold of January through March. It also is moisture-resistant for the inevitable April showers that come. With sparse layering, I could see this piece living through the summer nights as well—especially if you live near a coastline. The price point is fantastic, too, meaning you can oomph up your wardrobe without wrecking your wallet.

Another brand that incites a “why didn’t I think of that?” moment is Hickies. Speaking of details meaning the world when making or breaking a good outfit, shoelaces are often overlooked as a necessary evil or an innocuous part of any look. Not anymore. With Hickies, you can replace your traditional laces with something more attention-grabbing and personalizing. These elastic bands hook onto the holes where your shoelaces loop through for a streetwise slip-on look. Mix and match in a variety of colors, or go with the standard black (you KNOW I love to wear the pink and purple Hickies with white and gray New Balance trainers!)


7 Diamonds is a clothing brand with skatewear style and street sensibility that looks just as good off the ramp. Their denim and button-ups are high quality with a well-tailored fit, but their full-lined, leather-piped blazers add a well-executed dressed-up spin on an aesthetic that normally rings more casual than cocktail. Who knew you could take a look straight from the skate park to a special event?

From head to toe, it’s all about dressing in a more versatile way as you travel from winter to spring this season. Mix and match pieces from these three brands, and you have a well-rounded wardrobe that offers comprehensive looks from morning to night and everywhere in-between.


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