Crazy tattoo hotness

Daniel Wren

Here at Vada, we appreciate the male form. And I don’t know about you, but I personally love a good tattoo on a man. In  fact, I love them! So, I thought, why not share that appreciation with others?

Yeah, it’s an excuse to parade tattoo’d men in underwear!

First up is this cute hunk with his equally gorgeous pooches. Mmm! Tattoos!

sexy tattoo 10

This guy’s rocking two looks we like: the geek chic thing and tattoos. That’s win-win, right?

sexy tattoo 11

This guy is just bear tasty. Geddit? I’ll pack the teddy bear’s picnic.

sexy tattoo 12

This guy sports a beard and neck tattoos. He even has tattoos on his fingers. Oof!

sexy tattoo 13

Well, now, what can I say? This guy is beautiful. There’s a sheen on his body like someone’s been licking him from head to toe. And just look at those abs? I’d certainly try his fruit of the loom!

sexy tattoo 4

Moody, indie, and tatoo’d. Marry me?

sexy tattoo 5

I want him to bite my lip. So, so hard. And is it just me, or is his neck tattoo checking me out?

sexy tattoo 6
sexy tattoo 8
Another gorgeous man with tattoos – and doesn’t that nose ring suit him? I wish I could be pressed between him and the wall…

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sexy tattoo 7

There’s a hint of sweaty languor on this guy. He looks rough, rude and nasty. And I like it!

sexy tattoo 9

You can leave your hat on!

sexy tattoo 1

Okay, so he’s probably one of the least tattoo’d guys in this list, but look at those guns? And that chest is to die for.

sexy tattoo 3

I’m not sure where to look first with this one. Well, okay, I tell a lie … I looked straight at his crotch, and then his eyes. But damn …

tattoo man

This guy is so cute we had to feature him twice. I mean, that gun? *lick*

sexy tattoo 2 sexy tattoo 3

Finally, this US marine is just so beautiful, I can’t even …

us marine 2

us marine 3

us marine 4

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