Throwback Thursday!

Elliot Rose

Welcome to Throwback Thursday. Every week, we’ll be bringing you a blast from the past to put a smile on your face. From old school TV, to ad campaigns from days gone by, the history of fashion is littered with potential comedy gold.

This week it’s time to commemorate the late king of tacky: the one and only Gianni Versace. For those of you whose fashion history knowledge is lacking, Gianni was the elder brother of the reigning queen of tacky, Donatella Versace. He founded the label back in the day and ran it until some psycho shot him on the steps of his Miami mansion in 1997. Although I was only four at the time, his death hit me hard: I wore all black to playgroup on that mournful day. The best part of his tenure as head designer of the label was the 1990’s supermodel laden campaigns that sum up everything that is bella about Italian fashion. With eye-popping gold and print, they inspired a whole generation of eurotrash gold diggers to look as flashy as possible in an otherwise demure decade. This was fierce, years before anyone actually said fierce.

If Italian style is your thing and you’re in London at some point before July, be sure to check out the Glamour of Italian Fashion exhibition at the V&A. It is essential.


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You can find me wandering the streets of East London, judging the outfits of strangers. Studying fashion, interning in PR. Likes: Marc Jacobs, bank holiday weekends, pictures of Kim Kardashian crying. Dislikes: Gok Wan, carbs. @elliot_rose