Tomorrow’s Fashion Trends Today, with Clothes from Yesterday

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With London Fashion Week now behind us, as we begin to look forward to seeing the new trends hitting the shelves for the coming Summer – I am assured it is coming – there’s still a few weeks (probably months) to wrap yourself up in some warm winter-woolies to fight off the cold. In this month’s Fashion File we look at a mix of current trends, as well as some of the trends seen at this year’s Fashion Week. As is the case with most fashion trends, nothing is really ever new and it only takes a few minutes of shopping in London’s Shoreditch to find all the latest trends of  ‘Grandpa’ cardigans, coming trends of oversized knits, and bold colours residing in the Vintage and Retro stores lining the streets.

With special thanks to Beyond Retro and our models Pierrot, Ross and Simon.

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