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It’s a new year and we all want to start something new. Many of us will have New Year’s resolutions – some we’ll keep and others we will fail on right after we made them. Why not have your resolution be to take care of yourself both on the inside and the outside? In this article we’ll focus on the top hair care products that will help you care for your luscious mane (or carefully groomed bob).

Jack Black

Jack Black True Volume Thickening Shampoo

Creatine and wheat protein help get that hair stimulated and growing fast! Meanwhile, this shampoo is also perfect for those with even the most sensitive scalp, so you needn’t worry about irritation. White lupin will help with this, along with basil and tea tree. Since using this shampoo, my scalp hasn’t once been irritated, and my hair feels a lot thicker, shinier and healthier.

Currently priced at £16.95 – Available from


Korres Magnesium and Wheat Proteins Toning Shampoo

Perfect for those who suffer with hair loss, this shampoo will strengthen your hair, making it as tough as nails. The magnesium, zinc, calcium and manganese help feed the hair from root to tip, giving it a good clean to set you up for hair confidence throughout the day. Whilst slightly irritating on my scalp (remember, mine is quite sensitive) this shampoo did do the trick – it was clarifying and did strengthen my hair.

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Currently priced at £9.00 – Available from


Nanokeratin System’s Re-Invent Leave in Conditioner

This is the product if you don’t have much time but still want to ensure your hair is the best it can be! The Re-Invent Leave in Conditioner smoothes, conditions, protects, enhances colour, and features an anti-ageing substance to make the hair silky and youthful!

Currently priced at £25.55 – Available from


SuperFish Fiercefish De-Gunk Shampoo

This is a highly clarifying shampoo designed for if you use a lot of styling products on your hair. Full of vitamin E, it’s great if you want to give your hair a little bit of TLC.

Currently priced at £3.99 – Available from Boots.

American Cream 250g

American Cream Conditioner

A strawberry, honey and vanilla conditioner to make your hair nice and soft, American Cream Condition also tones the scalp, meaning that the hair follicles become stronger! Personally speaking, I have used this conditioner for years and it’s one I always go back to!

Currently priced at £14.25 – Available from Lush stores nationwide.

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