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Everyone wants to get their skin ready for the summer. Whether it’s for the face or the body, we want to be looking good when we hit that beach. And it seems that having a clear complexion is all the rage – with even Blue posting shots of themselves daubed in mud!*

Because we want you to look as good as the boys from Blue, we give you (in no particular order) our top eight face masks for the summer.

The Lift

Developed in Hollywood, the Lift is a facial kit said to give a salon-esque facial in the comfort of your own home. Helping to visibly brighten and tighten the skin, the effects last for up to two days. The Lift has been used by make-up artists for decades as a non-surgical anti-ageing treatment.

In the kit comes the Liquid Booster and Mask Powder which, when mixed together, become a paste which you then apply using the facial brush. The ingredients – which include papaya and algae as well as plenty of fruit extracts, vitamins and minerals – ensues that your face will be feeling softer, brighten and younger!

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£49.95 – Available from

SMask Caviar Face Mask

SMask Caviar Face Mask caught my eye because it’s a film face mask. By that I mean that you don’t take it off, which personally I find the worse part of an at-home facial. Just put it on your face and after about 30 minutes the mask will have fully absorbed into your skin. Silicone based and infused with lovely essential oils and ingredients, this one is even more interesting due to the fact that is has caviar in it.

Caviar is good for the face as it will help to restore the skin and give it a more youthful appearance – due to it being high in ‘youth formula’ astaxanthin. And what’s more luxurious than putting caviar on your face?

£14.95 for 3 sachets – Available from

Yin Yan Kaolin Face Mask

Infused with coconut oil, sweet orange oil and apple cider vinegar, this will help to rejuvenate, tighten and tone the skin to make your skin feel thoroughly cleansed and brighter.

The base of this mask is kaolin, which is known for it’s deep-cleansing properties. Kaolin draws out impurities and unblocks the pores.

£13.95 for 50ml – Available from

Jack Black Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser

Having proven ever-so-popular in the US, Jack Black has come over to the UK – not the comedian but the cosmetics company.

This two-in-one cleanser and mask is full of kaolin and volcanic ash to purfify, cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Perfect for even sensitive skin, this exfoliating mask is also good for use before shaving to enhance a closer shave.

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This one felt like it was definitely doing something!

£17.50 for 147ml – Available from Boots,,, and

Lush Brazened Honey

Lime and honey are the perfect blend for this brightening mask. Lime helps to cleanse and brighten the skin whilst the honey helps to soften and soothe. This mask is perfect to do right before you go out and it smells incredible!

Containing fennel, ginger, sage and rosemary, Lush Brazened Honey is packed full of natural goodness, helping to cleanse the skin. For all these reasons, it has become many people’s skin saviour.

Just pop the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes, rinse it off, and you’ll feel right as rain!

£6.25 – Available from Lush stores worldwide and

Murad Blackhead and Pore Cleaning Duo

This two-step treatment consists of a Blackhead Remover and Pore Refining Sealer working together to give the pores a thorough deep clean and to get the skin back to what it once was!

Containing volcanic mineral clay and shikakal extract to detoxify the skin and draw everything out, this is a winner.

Dr Murad, the brains behind the brand, says that, ‘During the hotter months your T-zone skin may be oilier than usual and more prone to blackheads, which is where a weekly mask to draw out impurities and reduce shine will help.’

This mask gives a good spring clean to the face and comes highly recommended.

£50 – Available from

Organic Surge First Class Mask

Free from animal-derived ingredients, this mask seems to have something of a cult following. With essential oils such as chamomile, rosemary, lemon and ginko, this is perfect for those of us who have sensitive skin yet want their skin to appear brighter.

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This mask is also fantastic for those that want an overnight treatment as well, just to make the mask that more intense.

Softening, hydrating, brightening and good for even the most sensitive skin? I can see why this has a cult following.

£8.49 – Available from

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Purifying Mask

Palmer’s is one off those brands that everyone trusts. It’s a brand that has been used for years and can be found pretty much anywhere and everywhere. The fact that they do a full skin care range is something that many people may not be aware of but this mask definitely works.

With kaolin clay to draw out impurities, along with almond oil and evening primrose, this mask is also good for those who have dry and sensitive skin and want a boost for the Summer.

£5.99 – Available from Superdrug

*Blue took this photo to promote Macmillan’s Really Good Night In, a campaign to make sure no one goes through cancer alone.

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