Top 4 best dressed same-sex couples

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There’s no denying it, famous(ish) gay couples seem to have a knack for dressing flawlessly. Maybe it’s in their genes – see what I did there? It seems as though they have a unique way of being flawlessly styled 24/7, despite their 24/7 work schedules.  Of course this may be down to the army of stylists, MUA and hair assistants they have on hand, but let’s put that to one side.  Here’s my list of top best dressed couples, and a couple of their exes too!

Ben Whishaw &  Mark Bradshaw

ben whishaw mark bradshaw

Best known for playing ‘Q’ from the James Bond films, and roles in a host of other films, Whishaw has recently announced he tied the knot with partner Mark Bradshaw. With both guys sporting a bed hair messy look and Whishaw brandishing tailored designer stubble this couple are best known for their preppy, geek chic outfits.

I do feel as though Bradshaw is the less fashionable partner, but that’s not for here. The couple are very private about their lives, however, it wouldn’t hurt them to sport a few more outfits on the red carpet. Come on guys – give us an excuse to destroy our bank balances in awe of you!

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Marc Jacobs & Harry Louis

marc jacobs harry louis

Of course these two had to be on our list! However we should mention that these two fabulously dressed gays are no longer an item – boo.  This doesn’t stop us from loving their style.  With crisp cut suit and tie combos and designer swimwear being worn on the beaches of San Diego, these two need to stay in our fashspiration folder.

Ellen Degeneres & Portia de Rossi

ellen portia

Everyone’s favourite power couple at the moment it seems! With Ellen wearing her usual boyish, preppy clothes and slick short haircut it really gives a great contrast to Portia’s elegant, classy and feminine style.  I don’t agree with the whole ‘who’s the man in the relationship’ mantra, but I do feel it works wonder for these two. Long live the queens!

Michael Kors & Lance Lepere

michael kors

Simple and classy. This fashionista couple have been together since forever and officially tied the knot in 2011. Obviously, as they work together, with Lepere working as an intern before becoming a couple with Kors, they must have the most desirable wardrobe. Talk about working your way up the ladder!

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