The sexiest men in Speedos (in solidarity with Jessie Colter)

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In case you hadn’t heard, gay porn actor Jessie Colter was thrown out of a water park and had homophobic abuse hurled at him by police. Why? Because he was wearing red Speedos!

It’s a bit extreme to go to such lengths over a pair of Speedos, but the tight swimwear produced by the Speedo brand have always caused something of a stir (even if it’s just in our loins).

Once known as the swimwear of choice for overweight German holidaymakers (oh yeah, and professional swimmers) they are having something of resurgence in the gay community.

I was in Gran Canaria for pride in 2012 and almost every other person on the beach was wearing a pair. I think it’s probably safe to say that a certain Mr Daley may well have something to do with their newfound popularity – and maybe the queer cult of vanity which turns so many of us into exhibitionists.

In solidarity with Jessie Colter we’ve decided to bring you some of the sexiest men in Speedos that we could find by scouring the internet, hungover, on a Saturday morning.

Let’s kick things off with the always popular David Beckham.

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The next picture is from The Covenant. It may be listed as number 31 on Rotten Tomatoes’ Worst Films of All Time list, but who cares when it’s got Taylor Kitsch and Chace Crawford in Speedos!


The Speedo has never looked as sexy as it does in this Marina and the Diamonds video. Probably something to do with the models wearing them and all that water. It’s so enthralling, I’m getting wet just looking at the picture.


This is Carlos PenaVega, from the Nickelodeon show Big Time Rush, hanging out at the beach. Hooray for kids’ TV!


It would almost be a little too obvious to include Tom Daley on a list like this, so instead we thought we would feature Jack Laugher, also of the Team GB Diving Team.


Oh fine, have it your way – enjoy some Tom Daley!


Find the original story at Pink news here and follow Jessie Colter on Twitter here.

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