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Remember that time you heard a band’s first album, single or cover? And then a month later EVERYONE is listening to them. Annoying isn’t it. Well, it’s the same with fashion really!

I’m always on the look out for new brands. There’s a certain triumph when you find that brand that no-one else has really heard of yet which means you’ll be one of the first to wear their threads. What’s interesting enough is that I think more guys and gals, are doing this too which makes the competition to look the chicest even harder. Yes, yes we have those quirky vintage marketplace sites on ASOS, and I’m sure I can count on both hands how many people I know setting up their own “label”, but I want something different.

So on that note ladies and gentleman I present to you my top 5 menswear brands to watch:


Merge London – A stunning collection of really simple, beautifully cut clothes. Run by former reality star Tom Kilbey, the line consists mainly of tees with animal prints, simple logo designs jackets and sweaters. Their emphasis is on British tailored street wear along with the combination of music and taste. I can imagine them showing very soon at London Collections Men.

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Ten Men Clothing – I’m assuming they’re targeting a straight audience, but a lot of their tees are pretty cool. They offer snapbacks, beanies, and have a beautifully designed logo. Although it is a tad similar, less comic like version of Cheap Monday, I think this brand has potential. They’ve got a few reality stars embellishing their threads on their well-toned bodies so they must be quite popular. For all those straight acting gays – this one’s for you.

Cad & Dandy – Although these are a very established menswear brand offering beautifully tailored suits at realistic prices, they are still worth a mention. Operating from their premises in Savile Row, Cad & Dandy state they produce suits that should be accessible to all men. Very Selfridges like there gents. These people are definitely worth a visit whilst you’re in London.

Albam – Back to basics with their timeless collections, Albam offer quality, design and assurance. They dress men how men want to be dressed. If you’re on the look out, like I always am, for timeless pieces then these people are definitely the ones to look at. I simply cannot recommend this brand enough and better yet they’re independent, not a mass-produced chain churning out designs that absolutely everyone is wearing.

Hunter Gatherer – Although established as a retail concept, this brand does offer its own label. Offering incredibly beautiful jackets, coats and other formal wear, it does have its own quirky casual wear such as leopard print jumpers and shirts. A real mix of creative energy goes into this brand and they’re currently being featured by the British Fashion Council. What more could you honestly want!

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