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We all love them even if we don’t admit it. A cosy night in is often the perfect antidote to commuting, wage slaving and heavy nights out.

Whether you do it alone or with loved ones, now the nights are drawing in here are my top products for having a cosy night in!

Skincare and beauty

Ayo Beauty Products – Susan – Prices start from £16 from

It seems many are addicted to Ayo! Their ‘Salute The Sun’ range is good for those that want to escape the Winter or want a cosy night in the Summer. Smelling these products though, these smell amazing. Infused with Sicilian Bergamot, Mediterranean Lemon, Jasmine Sambac amongst others this smells very much like jellybeans! The body polisher, cleanser and body wash are the perfect combo for a shower/bath treat!

Clinogen Laboratories Radiance Kit – £85 from

It seems that recently, pretty much everyone wants brighter skin. They want to look refreshed, alert and have their skin flawless. The Clinogen Laboratories Radiance Kit comes with three products to give your cosy night that extra pamper. With the Foaming Cleanser and Exfoliant full of sage and rosemary, Radiance Five Minute Masque with liquorice and willow bark, and the Radiance Brightening and Anti-Ageing Crème with comfrey and lavender, this is a true pamper. Perfect for all skin types these products will help to rejuvenate the skin and help with skin issues such as sun damage and acne scarring!

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Flint + Flint – from £12 to £48 from Skin Health Clinics nationwide and online

Serums and a good cleanser can transform a skincare routine! British skincare brand Flint + Flint have a new skincare line which promises to tackle every skin issue. With products ranging from £12 to £48 there’s something for everyone too! Having used this recently, the glycolic cleanser is very good helping all skin types and getting them back to their normal selves!

Perricone MD Chloro Plasm – £67 from

This product is a fun one that actually works! Being bright green due to the chlorophyll this will deeply cleanse and rejuvenate the skin leading to healthier and brighter looking skin! This makes the skin feel really soft, plump and radiant! Perfect for a cosy night in when you’re going out the next day!

Angela Langford Angel Eyes- £17 from

Having stumbled across this skincare line, I have fallen in love with the products. This new eye products comes in a roller ball bottle infused with cucumber, argan and rosehip meaning that the eye area will not become damaged due to dragging fingers! Good for a cosy night in and if you truly want to pamper yourself!

Vatika Night Repair Cream – £2.49 from Tesco, Superdrug, Love Wilko, Asda and

Now it’s time to tackle the hair. This overnight treatment full of coconut, almonds, eggs and honey will leave your hair feeling silky soft, smooth and will let that cosy pamper night transcend over to the next day!


The French Bedroom Company –

Voted one of the UK’s coolest brands of 2014, The French Bedroom Company specialises in creating and and selling high end furniture and accessories. With products ranging from reed diffusers to throws the world is your oyster if you want to find something to make your cosy night that extra wonderful. One of my favourites is the Romany Patchwork Quilt (£99) which is perfect to add a bit of ‘je ne sais quoi.’

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Scholl Pedicure Foot Spa – £29.99 form stockists nationwide, including Argos and Boots

Everything needs to pamper their feet. Probably the most neglected item on the body you have to treat it once in a while. The Scholl Pedicure Foot Spa is good for those that want to get a little high tech with their cosy night in, stick on a film and get their feet in tip top shape!

Voya’s Organic Orange and Cinnamon Candle – £18.00 from

Orange, cinnamon and clove will help to warm the hearts to all. Made with soy wax and essential oils this will leave you wanting it to be Christmas day and is the perfect fragrance for a night all wrapped up! Voya are known for their spa products and this is no exception.

Orla Kiely Fig Tree Candle – £24 from

Citrus notes weave with lavender to create a crisp, clean and fresh scent perfect for those that want to escape the Winter and be walking through a woodland wonderland!


Anatomicals Your Taps Will Be So Turned On Fruity Bath Foam – £7.50 from

The aroma of passionfruit will fill your bathroom with juicy fruit notes perfect for unwinding, relaxing and uplift you to a tropical paradise! The bubbles are softening on the skin meaning that the bath foam will add a bit of Hollywood glamour to your cosy night in too!

Sensara Kolure Forest Green Bath Salts – £18 from

Inspired by colour therapy, Sensara Kolura Forest Green Bath Salts contain pine, rosemary and lemongrass for a relaxing, magical bath experience. It helps to balance the mind, body and spirit and really distress from life and the world around you!

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UrbanVeda Soothing Body Wash – £8.99 from

Sandalwood is a known ingredient for relaxing, cleansing the mind and soothing the soul! This body wash is perfect for those that fancy a little cosy treat and need to de-stress and unwind. Skin softening and sensual this is one of my favourites for a cosy night and a pamper treat.

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