A brief tour of Malmö’s shopping district with Mia Berg

Adam Lowe

Malmö is one of the most stylish and friendly cities in Sweden, and Vada recently had the luck to visit. While there we were guided through the city by our very own personal shopper – the friendly and fabulous Mia Berg. Malmö has plenty to choose from for the discerning LGBT+ traveller, and there’s plenty of fabulous clothes and trinkets to discover!

Hint: you can follow the tour in Google Maps on your phone.

Because of its relative central location and proximity to our hotel, we started our shopping trip at Lilla Torg. This is Malmö’s famous ‘Little Square’, which is home to many great restaurants and bars right in the heart of the city. From there we headed onto Hjulhamnsgatan, passing exquisite florist’s Blomster & Små Ting – perfect for gifts and special occasions.

Just around the corner is Uma’s Bazaar – an eco-friendly boutique located on Per Weijersgatan 9, just behind the large Åhléns department store.

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Next try Norrgavel, a quirky interior design shop with locally made furniture, renowned for its clean Scandinavian style.

Next pass the old churchyard on Gustav Adolf’s Torg, the square in the very city center, across the canal. This takes you to Davidshallstorg, the square just two blocks off the main pedestrian street, where most people get stuck and never leave! This is a very popular hang-out among locals, with shopping, eating, and residential properties all in one place.

On the corner you’ll find men’s clothing store Ljunggren – where you can pick up preppy, clean-cut American college fashions. This makes for a great alternative to American Apparel or Urban Outfitter – which is good if you’re tired of seeing all your friends in that same T-shirt.

Across the same entrance, there’s petite nick-nack store Meloa, which combines small interior wares with funky clothes.

Nextdoor is Petite Violette – a magnificent delight with beautiful old posters of birds and butterflies, and other retro-inspired gear that will add colour to any home.

On the corner, the barber shop Roy and Son is decorated in crisp white – but carries a distinctly Sweeney Todd theatricality that makes it worth checking out. If you can fight the hipsters for a seat, you’ll get a great trim.

Around the corner, just a block down, is HK Antik & Design, which brings together Danish design classics with traditional antiques.

Head onward and you’ll find three small vintage shops on Kärleksgatan. The first one on the left from the square is called Love Street (no website available).

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The second vintage shop, across the street, is Mani and Mani Pop up Store. Expect to find gorgeous hats and luggage for men and women.

And then prepare yourself for the whacky, overflowing porcelain and glassware store nextdoor, Rågers Antik & Design. If you’re looking for old glass, chances are you will find it here. You’ll find plenty of antiques from the beginning of the 20th century through to more recent oldies from the 70s.

On the corner of Karleksgatan and Davidshallsgatan is Tjallamalla, a store that mixes brand design, vintage and new breakout designers.

On the opposite corner is shop/magazine HQ, Aplace – a store that mixes clothes for both genders (and bikes) from mainly Scandinavian brands.

Opposite Aplace, on the same side of the street as Tjallamalla, is Popolino, a lifestyle mods-inspired store for men and women.

In the narrow passage into the pedestrian street called Holmgangen, you can take a break Swedish-style at cute coffeeshop Sockerbit. They offer a delicious champagne and elderflower loose leaf brew and Earl Grey cupcakes – making the perfect fika to end your day!

Find out more about shopping in the city, or book a personal shopping trip, at stilverket.se.

Find out more about Malmö at malmotown.com or the Gay & Lesbian Sweden Facebook page.

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