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As a statistically ageing nation, it has become more of the norm, to keep up with our youthful looks and try to turn back time. A rise in patients opting for surgical procedures has rocketed, since the popularity of shows such as TOWIE, with its manufactured beauties. This is enough to resonate with the general public and seek to maintain what they believe, is the society’s perception of ideal. A shift in the way we live our lives and how much we consume, in terms of media input, has meant we are far more susceptible to treatments and quick fixes.

This aside there are countless beauty therapists, that offer a wide range of non-surgical procedures, which are credited with giving the effects of surgery, without the invasive methods. I recently drew a gasp when I saw a beauticians advertising a face lift in minutes and wanted to find out more. Skincare is often overlooked and we are generally misguided, in how to maximise our skin health and wellbeing. Most of these non-invasive procedures seek to replenish the skin and give the illusion of youthful, glowing skin.

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To get lasting results the best place to go is to a doctor, which specialises in the results you are requiring. This is not to discredit the work of many amazing beauty therapists, but a doctor has a lot more understanding of his client on a one to one basis. This knowledge is key when achieving the patients end results, while still keeping the work un-traceable to the untrained eye. Another main difference is the products used, to which a doctor is far more educated in, with procedures from fillers to Botox, which regular beauty salons cannot administer.

Le Beau Ideal is a leader in advanced cosmetics, with its creator Dr Esho, they aim to make treatments more than just a procedure, rather strive to create an experience. Dr Esho quickly became one of the biggest names within the aesthetic industry and was recently voted ‘Good Surgeons Guide’ hottest male cosmetic professional 2013.In addition to this his hard work and passion earned him the best cosmetic doctor 2014 award and Le Beau Ideal won best aesthetic clinic 2014, therefore making their presence known, at the public choice awards this year.

To quote his official press release Dr Esho is ‘A highly qualified non-surgical aesthetic doctor, Esho graduated with a MBChB (merit) from Leicester Medical School in 2005 and went on to attain his MRCS whilst undergoing plastic surgical training. This background in both plastic surgery and medicine has made him a favourite and regular doctor amongst WWE superstars’ This to me is a great marker post, of showcasing this doctors incredible work and it’s of no surprise he is often referred to as Dr Beautiful.

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Credited for creating the 23ct gold champagne facial, it soon grabbed the headlines and made an appearance in OK! Magazine, to name but a few. This notoriety for being a master of his trade, has proven that there is still a high demand for luxurious treatments, while we all aim to regress our looks back to a time, we felt most comfortable with. With a range of procedures from line smoothing to jawline contouring, this is what I believe the best place to opt for, rather than washing away your money on countless ‘quick fixes’

Our looks are sacred and this is why you have to be prepared, to see these treatments as an investment. A recent pioneering IV drip promises to rejuvenate and send energy levels rocketing, in a matter of minutes, has proven to be quiet the talking point amongst beauty insiders. This innovation and ingenuity in product confidence, cements my view that Dr Esho is a leader in the world of cosmetically enhanced beauty.

If you would like further information of treatments and salons (Newcastle, Midlands, London) then please visit the site: www.lebeauideal.co.uk

Twitter: @lebeau_ideal @IAMDRBEAUTIFUL

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