Vada’s top 5 summer fragrances

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During the summer, everyone wants to be looking good and smelling fresh. Summer fragrances and aftershaves are our favourites, and here is a rundown of our favourite summer fragrances of them all.


Armani Code Ice

£57.50 for 75ml – Available from

This one is a citrus yet woody scent due to the bergamot, sage and cederwood ingredients. Armani Code Ice is a good one if you want to feel empowered and like you run the world!


Hugo Boss – Boss Bottled, Unlimited

£54.50 for 100ml – Available from

With mint and grapefruit this is a refreshing fruity scent yet still retaining that masculinity. Infused with pineapple and sandalwood this is perfect for the summer and a freshen up after the gym.


Davidoff – Cool Water: Night Dive

£39.50 for 75ml – Available from

Mint seems to be playing a big part in this year’s summer fragrances with Swiss brand Davidoff also including mint in their summer offering. Mixed with ambery base notes, this is a nice refreshing scent, while still retaining the musk to add that masculine kick. This is one I would definitely recommend.


The Bluebeard’s Revenge

£19.99 – Available from The Shaving Shack, Tesco, Asos, Holland and Barrett, Feel Unique and Amazon

Popular male cosmetics company The Bluebeard’s Revenge has released a new fragrance for the modern man. With Sicillian bergamot and basil, this is good for those who like fruit yet spicy scents, along with earthy aromas such as patchouli, sandalwood and oakwood.


Ted Baker M

£10 available from Superdrug

Containing black pepper, Japanese Yuzu and roseberry, this zesty scent is just right for the summer. This aftershave isn’t overpowering, which is good if you don’t like heavy scents. Ted Baker has also just opened ‘Ted’s Grooming Rooms’ where trained professionals use Ted Baker products to shave and pamper you – definitely worth a look!

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