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From a very early age I had a deep fascination with jewellery and how it could transform an outfit: captivated by the allure of hidden treasures, this hasn’t waned over the years. For jewelry itself, is for some, a very sentimental exchange, from the passing down of a family locket, or gifting a St Christopher, as a lucky omen to budding travelers. All have a very thought provoking meaning and push beyond the obvious pleasing design aesthetics and portrays more of a statement

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Bespoke jewellery company Wearing Memories thrive on crafting pieces, which will make you stop and recall a time of great significance. The beauty of the jewellery is all of the pieces are influenced by champagne and the emotiveness of such a product. Such memories could be the celebration of graduating University, an engagement or a new arrival to a family. Memories are very much cherished through the pieces and aim to capture the ‘plaque de muselet’ (cap) from a bottle top.

As a designer I always look at pieces for their overall design, wear ability and most importantly, the ‘wow’ factor. The sleek design married with the thoughtful ethos, cement my confidence in these products. The designer behind the company (Kiron) would often collect bottle caps and write the date on the back, to link back to a particular memorable event. This then led onto the production of the signature, patented champagne locket. Beautifully created from sterling silver and raw materials, these are pieces that will create a talking point, time and time again. The pieces themselves are each hand crafted in Australia, to give a greatly superior end product.

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With the arrival of London Fashion Week this September, comes the very exciting debut catwalk show of Wearing Memories. The first ever show by the company, it looks set to follow suit like the opening of a champagne bottle: with a bang! Not only are guests set to view a plethora of gorgeous pieces, but they will also take in the incredible atmosphere created, by New York based singer/songwriter GAREK. A clever collaboration of design and music looks set to implode the show with fun, a creative buzz and a great deal to be inspired by.

GAREK who has been an avid fan of the beautiful work, by Wearing Memories for some time, can be quoted as saying: I’m a huge fan of unorthodox beauty. The way Kiron takes something that most people would discard and turns  it into something beautiful, is ingenious. Jewellery is often used to commemorate a special occasion and Wearing Memories is a way to immortalize a particularly special bottle of bubbles’

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‘I was lucky enough to have received a piece from Kiron with a photo of Madame Clicquot on it; I didn’t know much about her or  champagne, but when I  read some of Madame’s quotes  I knew  for sure she was a bad ass. That’s my kinda  woman! I can only hope to make her proud this year at London  Fashion Week’

The official press release has ignited my interest to see more from the company and the dates in London, look set to be a real teaser of more to come. Wearing Memories is owned and designed by champagne enthusiast Kiron Barui. The jewelry houses the caps from champagne bottles, which are interchangeable, so you can wear the memory of your  special event again and again. It is wholly produced in Australia  and is presented in a kangaroo skin pouch in honor of this fact.

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Fashions Finest September Off Schedule London Fashion Week shows  13-14th September  2014 at  Grand Connaught Rooms, 61-65  Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5DA

For a list of stockists, please visit their website. For more information about Wearing Memories, please contact Lady Charlotte Lynham at LadyCPR.

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