#WIN: Barcode Berlin calendars

Daniel Wren

Berlin is a fun place to be if you’re queer. It has great fashion, great clubs and a great attitude. And it’s also the home of Barcode Berlin – a label that fuses fetish, fashion and fitness in sexy designs that pique the queer interest.

Founded in 2009, Barcode Berlin’s aesthetic combines sportswear and fetish for a look that’s sexy and trendy. Whether you’re shopping for jocks or tank tops, Barcode Berlin has it all.


On the creation of the Barcode Berlin label, designer and co-founder Stoyan Nikolov says, ‘I love my work and thus I always come up with new ideas how we can be different and new. This is also the reason why our dealers and customers want to buy from us, they always want something new, this is where I add my creativity into the designs, nobody wants to buy an old style they want something new, something that does not yet exist. In turn, this inspired our slogan, “Out with the old in with the new”.’

Stoyan Nikolov also says, ‘Of course everyone has his favorite piece, the one style that he loves to wear over and over again. I see that for example, many of our customers buy the same short in almost every color. You just can’t get enough of your favorite styles. These customers are our biggest fans.’


Attentive fans are keen to return to the brand because of the many intricate and functional details incorporated into its designs. Founders Stoyan Nikolov and his partner Frank Michehl continue to go to the factories and personally control the quality of their products. This is unusual in an age of mass production.

‘We have consistently decided against producing in the usual outsourced countries,’ says Stoyan Nikolov. ‘For us it is important to deliver quality at a fair and affordable price. We believe that an individual should be able to live off their working wage and that environmental damage should be kept to a minimum. This standard can be met in Europe and therefore we produce exclusively in Europe. I say again and again, customers want to know where their products come from and that the production is in good hands.’

The Barcode Berlin calendar is full of hot men in hot designs. You can win a copy of the calendar by sharing this post on Facebook or Twitter and then posting below the article to let us know when you’ve finished. The competition closes on 30 November 2014 at 2359. Calendars will be posted in December.

Find our more about Barcode Berlin at barcodeberlin.com.


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