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Launching in 1947, Wrangler still offers the same innovation and longevity with its products to this day. Originally, they made jeans for cowboys, who required stable and long-lasting clothing. This same brand promise is executed in today’s modern pieces, making each one of us feel ‘Born Ready’.

The Wrangler collection fuses together fashion and function, built around modern fits, therefore accelerating the evolution of jeans. Iconic styling details, such as the flat copper rivets and ergonomic wash pocket, keep the history of the brand at the forefront. Broken twill features strongly in this range (an invention of Wrangler’s back in 1984), creating the backbone for pieces such as the 27MW shirt and the 11MJ jackets.

Just in time for Christmas, we’ve got news of this welcome partnership between Wrangler and Leatherman, joining forces to work on yet more iconic pieces. The much loved collaboration sees classic denim styles reworked to be twice as strong and water resistant. Add to this the inclusion of a limited edition Leatherman Piranha 2 Tool, finished in antique copper, to match the Wrangler jeans iconic rivets.

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These are the ultimate jeans for exploring the great outdoors, knowing you are not only getting style, but a product fit for purpose. Both the Greensboro and Texas styles have been given both a dark and light wash option, ideal for working around any outfit.


With reinforced front pockets on the co-branded jeans, you’ll also find a bespoke pouch for Leathermans Piranha 2, a one-piece tool ideal for everyday use. The tool itself is a great little gadget, which perfectly caters to the Bear Grylls in all of us, but also makes for a great fashion accessory. The ideal tool for on the road, it’s made from a single piece of heat-treated steel and has many uses, including fixing loose screws and opening beer bottles.

The jeans themselves are extremely robust, yet at the same time the denim is soft enough to allow maximum range when worn. The generous number of pockets (including designated tool pockets) ensure you have enough storage for your everyday devices – because, let’s face it, most men don’t exactly gush over carrying bags.

With just the right amount of stretch to boot, you can be sure that the jeans will be durable through continuous wear, while still upholding the tradition of being both long-lasting and weatherproof.

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