Fatboy: Iconic designs, functional products

Lifestyle brand Fatboy launched its iconic bean-bag, The Original, to the Dutch market back in 2002. The bean-bag was created by Finnish designer Jukka Setälä and has been adapted for a variety of functions. Since then, the brand has grown and become famous for its trendy but functional products.

fatboy original game bean bag

Fatboy has built a distinctive collection consisting of iconic, high-quality, sustainable products available in a wide variety of colours and materials, ranging from lamps and carpets to side tables, an inflatable chair and a two-person hammock.

Fatboy rethinks the way products are ‘supposed to look’ or ‘supposed to function’ and gives them a unique Fatboy twist. The result is a line of products that easily fits into any environment while boldly standing out. All of which have been designed with a simple purpose in mind: to help people step out of their daily routine and put a smile on people’s faces.



The wireless Lampie-on is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, so nothing beats this charming lamp when it comes to decorating rooms, gardens, pools and parties. The hook turns Lampie-on into the captain of lamps, completely free of uninvited wires, so it is possible to hang it and hook up. And the included charging base makes sure Lampie-on can be charged without wires.

Besides the regular version, Lampie-on is also available in a deluxe variety. This one comes with shiny copper-coloured details and four fairylike sleeves to set off your 1001-nights setting.

When your Lampie-on is out of juice, just place it on its charging base and start refueling.

Its shape refers to the Arabic lantern and brings a magical and warm feeling to even the darkest spots.


Parasolasido & Bouquetteketet

You are definitely summer-proof with either a Parasolasido or Bouqetteketet in your garden. This oversized parasol features a poetic design that will make you feel really cool. An iconic red Fatboy flag is located on top, showing which way the wind is blowing.

Thanks to the convenient pulley mechanism the parasol unfolds in an instant.

The prints are specially made for Fatboy by Saskia van der Linden.

fatboy 3 - Candyofnie

Candyofnie: Design your own lamp

Always wanted to be a designer? Now you are in charge of creating your own lamp. Assembling a Candyofnie is as simple as threading beads. We encourage you to go wild with all the different shapes and colours available. With 11 colours and 8 different shapes to choose from you can create over a billion different combinations.

fatboy 2 - spheremaker


Spheremaker takes lighting to infinity and beyond. These cheerful, friendly and romantic compositions of spheres remind us of the colourful planets in our solar system. From now on, you can gaze at the stars in your very own home and the best part is; you are in charge of the styling. Choose your number of Spheres (3, 6 or 9), select your favourite colours, and play with the height and position until you are satisfied with your composition.

fatboy 1


Transloetje is inspired by Grandma’s table lamp but reinterpreted and redesigned to fit perfectly in these modern days. Thanks to its transparency, the old-fashioned light bulb is the center of attention. But don’t be fooled. Despite of its retro appearance the lamp is in fact an energy saving LED light.

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