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With Easter (an excuse to gorge on chocolate) less than a week away, we’ve rounded up 5 fabulous Easter Eggs that there is still time to buy ahead of the bank holiday weekend. Sharing, or deciding if these are for others is totally optional.

Easter Egg Hotel Chocolat extra thick

Hotel Chocolat – Milk Chocolate Easter Egg – Extra Thick (£27)

This half-half chocolate Easter using a mix of 40% milk chocolate and 50% milk chocolate is number one on our list for one reason. It’s extra thick, just how we like it at Vada. The shell that is! This Easter Egg is piled high with creamy pralines and velvety-soft truffles. Wrapped in a gold foil for a glint of anticipation when the ribbon is untied.

Available from hotelchocolat.com.

Easter Egg Solid Chocolate Egg Company

The Solid Chocolate Company – Colombian Dark Chocolate (£24.99)

Are you ever disappointed that your Easter Egg is hollow? Well The Solid Chocolate Company has solved that problem, by creating a solid chocolate eggs, that stand 14cm high. Of their range, we enjoyed the Colombian Dark Chocolate, made from single origin, 60% cocoa.

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Each egg is cut into 42 bite-sized, yet satisfying chunks of solid chocolate. For those who appreciate quality as well as quantity, this is the Easter Egg for you.

Available from solidchocolateco.com.

Easter Egg Rococo chocolate quail eggs

Rococo Chocolate – Praline Quail Eggs (£8.50)

For a handmade treat, Rococo Chocolates is know for a fabulous design. Their crate of 12 Praline Quail Eggs is an indulgent addition to eggs-odus of Easter Eggs. The French hazelnut praline is covered in chocolate and a fine sugar shell, and look remarkably realistic.

Available from rococochocolates.com.

Easter Egg Booja Booja

Booja Booja Hazelnut Easter Egg, from Planet Organic (£26.99)

Booja Booja, the organic chocolate company known for its dairy-free, gluten-free and soya-free chocolate, brings all that in Easter Egg form. Inside a beautiful, hand-painted Easter Egg are the luxury Booja Booja melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles, with sweet, roasted Italian hazelnuts.

Available from planetorganic.com.

Easter Egg Grand Ferrero Rocher

Grand Ferrero Rocher (240g), Ocado (£9)

Easter is not Easter without a Ferrero Rocher. This Grand Ferrero Rocher is a large milk chocolate shell containing hazelnut pieces (the exterior of a usual Ferrero Rocher chocolate), and contains four normal-sized chocolates within.

Available all over the internet, including from ocado.com.

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