5 home delivery options for the Easter weekend

Home delivery Cocktail Porter UK Lindt chocolate espresso martini
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We round-up our favourite home delivery food and drink options, inspiration ahead of the long Easter weekend.

Home delivery Dishpatch Paradise

Sri Lankan spring supper from Paradise Soho (£55 for 2 people)

Extending from its central London (Soho) home, Hōtal Paradise, the Sri Lankan restaurant has launched an at-home experience. The meal kits includes 10 small dishes from the core restaurant menu to be finished and shared by 2 diners at home.

Each box contains a selection of dishes, accompanied with a video demonstrating how to assemble and a link to Radio Paradise, a curated playlist featuring popular tracks from the Soho restaurant.

Available: Nationwide from Paradise Soho

More information: dishpatch.co.uk

Home delivery The Athenian souvlaki

Greek street from The Athenian (from £7 per person)

For those needing instant gratification in Greek form, street food legends at The Athenian are bringing back their seasonal skewers of lamb and beef souvlaki. Dressed in aromatic herbs, with a generous serving of fries, all wrapped up in a freshly made pita, with options to add in Tzatziki, spicy red pepper and feta dip Tyrokafteri, and the ultimate irresistible souvlaki is born. Diners can choose between a wrap, box or ‘naked’ option (replacing the wrap for a Greek salad).

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Available: in London via Deliveroo

More information: theathenian.co.uk

Home delivery Cocktail Porter UK Lindt chocolate espresso martini

Lindt chocolate bunny espresso martinis from Cocktail Porter UK (£40 for 6 cocktails)

Cocktail Porter UK are delivering do-it-yourself Lindt chocolate bunny espresso martinis to homes around the UK. You are encouraged to bite the head off the chocolate bunny and use the remaining chocolate shell to serve the cocktail. The espresso martini is made with Ketel One Vodka, Cocktail Porter sugar syrup, Kuka cold brew coffee and Conker Liquor, so all you need to do at home is shake over ice and pour your cocktail in the bunny.

Available: Nationwide from Cocktail Porter UK

More information: cocktailporter.co.uk

Home delivery Chukus chop chat chill meatballs

Chop Chat Chill meal kits from Chuku’s (from £25 for 2 people)

Celebrating Nigerian culture, the Chop Chat Chill meal kits from Nigerian tapas restaurant Chuku’s, provide a cultural experience which includes music, film and art along with their food and drinks.

The meal kit contains ingredients to make Nigerian-inspired wraps (House Wrapper) as well as other dishes and pre-batched cocktails. The name speaks to Nigerian tradition where a “wrapper” is a piece of fabric worn across the waist, commonly by women. The House Wrapper includes Chuku’s signature Jollof Quinoa, a choice of beef, chicken or tofu, Chuku’s House Salad and Chuku’s signature sauces, including the Ata Din (a spicy, tangy sauce made from fried scotch bonnet and sweet red peppers).

Chuku’s kits arrive chilled and are made to be finished-off at home with minimal preparation needed (under 10 minutes).

Available: Nationwide from Chuku’s

More information: chukuslondon.co.uk

Home delivery Feast box British Airways First feast

British Airways First Feast from Feast Box (from £80 for 2 people)

A niche in the home delivery realm, Feast Box have partnered with British Airways (and their catering supplier DO & CO) to allow you to recreate the magic of flying British Airways First Class in your own home. Drinks trolley not included, but feel free to wheel your own equivalent into your dining cabin. What better way to get a luxurious flavour for flying again.

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The bulk of the main courses have been made for you, so everything comes together in no time.
Each First Dining Experience box serves 2 people and contains 4 courses – your choice of starter and main course, a cheese board and dessert. Oh, and inside the box you’ll find a unique voucher to save 10% off your next British Airways flight.

Available: Nationwide from Feast Box

More information: feastbox.co.uk 

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