7 Easter treats we will be enjoying

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We round up 7 Easter treats that we are looking forward to enjoying over the Easter bank holiday weekend, ranging from Easter eggs to hot cross buns and some other sweet delights.

Easter round-up Hackney Gelato Hot cross bun gelato

Hot Cross Bun gelato by Hackney Gelato

Churned slowly to keep the ice out of your ice cream for more flavour and a smoother texture. This limited edition recipe is gelato flavour is made by infusing milk with toasted hot cross buns. You’ll get juicy sultanas, a hint of salted butter and the unbridled joy of candied fruit. Try it on a freshly toasted hot cross bun for a proper Easter treat.

Price £5.49 for 500ml tub

Where to buy: ocado.com

Easter round-up Thorntons marvellous magnificent easter egg

Thorntons Marvellous Magnificent Easter egg

Thorntons say that marvellous people deserve a magnificent Easter egg, and we don’t disagree. Thorntons have created something magnificently special. Using their delicious milk chocolate, this luxurious egg is ready and waiting to be personalised, and at 650g this is definitely the biggest egg you will be buying.

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Price: £20 for 650g egg

Where to buy: thorntons.co.uk

Easter round-up fortnum and mason

Eggceptional Hens Iced Biscuits by Fortnum & Mason

Exclusively designed for springtime celebrations, Fotnum & Mason’s Eggceptional Hens Iced Biscuits are made from warming gingerbread and iced by hand with exclusive designs. Shortlisted because of this writer’s previous collection of chicken ornaments, these biscuits are the perfect pairing for a warming cup of our tea.

Price: £29.95 for 1 box (75g)

Where to buy: fortnumandmason.com

Easter round-up marks spencer chocolate hot cross buns

M&S chocolate hot cross buns

One of our annual favourites, we recommend buying several packs of four extremely chocolatey hot cross buns enriched with dark, milk and white chocolate pieces and cocoa powder. As with all hot cross buns, these are best served toasted with a layer of butter.

Price: £1.65 for a pack of 4

Where to buy: online at ocado.com or in store at M&S.

Easter round-up Hot Cross Bun fudge

Hot Cross Bun Fudge from The Copper Pan Fudge Company

A slightly untraditional, but nevertheless always welcome sweet, this seasonal fudge flavour is creamy, smooth and packed with currents and spices.

Price: £8 for a whole bar of fudge

Where to buy: copperpanfudgecompany.co.uk

Easter round-up chococo honeycomb easter egg

Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Studded Easter egg by Chococo

Most eggs are a chocolate shell, so what better way to jazz up a chocolate Easter egg than by studding the inside of it with honeycomb. Made with Venezuelan milk chocolate and dusted with edible gold, this is one fabulous Easter egg.

Price: £12.50

Where to buy: chococo.co.uk

Easter round-up Sainsburys simnel cake

Simnel Cake by Sainsbury’s

This Simnel cake in the Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference range, is a rich fruit cake made with glacé cherries, candied citrus peel and layered and topped with marzipan. The eleven balls of marzipan are meant to represent the eleven apostles in Christianity, but it does also make this cake easy to divide up into eleven portions. As to whether you eat one or more apostle portions at a time is up to you.

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Price: £10 for 1 cake (850g)

Where to buy: In store or online from sainsburys.co.uk

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