Adventure and style with Crystal Head Vodka

Adam Lowe

In the latest of Vada‘s series of Christmas ‘spirit’-inspired gift guides, we turn our focus to vodka. Luxury vodka, mind, because we know you all like nothing but the best (except when it’s the end of the month before payday, when Aldi’s own brand anything will do).

Well, here’s a vodka like no other, ladies and gentlemen. It’s the kind of vodka that Indiana Jones would have to go on a quest to find, before reclining in his favourite smoking jacket and sipping a martini made with its crystal-clear liquid.

That’s right: this is Crystal Head Vodka. Get your manicured mitts on a Crystal Head Vodka (70cl) with a ‘Skull-tini’ glass presented in a slick gift pack, and you’ll be the envy of all your dinner guests. Alternatively, if you’re generous or simply not a big drinker, buy it for that sophisticated sipper in your inner circle.

What makes Crystal Head Vodka extra special? It’s produced from water sourced from a deep glacier lake in Newfoundland Canada, for one. Crystal Head Vodka is also a ‘pure spirit’ – meaning it contains no additives, glycerin, citrus oil or sugar.

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Because Crystal Head’s founders Dan Aykroyd and John Alexander didn’t think a quadruple-distilled vodka was pure enough, they went the extra mile to make sure it was up to scratch. So it’s no surprise to learn that Crystal Head is filtered through 500-million-year-old crystals known as Herkimer diamonds – which makes this one of the smoothest boozes around. Still not quite satisfied, they then went and topped it all by housing their voddy in this spectacular skull bottle. Dee-lish!

Crystal Head Vodka has one of the cleanest palates out there and little to no burn at the finish. This isn’t just a prop, it’s serious vodka with serious style. What’s not to love?

The gift pack is available from, priced £52.95.

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