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Bunnychow, the Soho-based, South African inspired street food venue recently launched their new Better Breads menu – a lighter take on the classic dish with even punchier fillings and healthier breads.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Bunnychow’s signature dish, ‘bunnies’ (priced at £6 each) are freshly baked loaves, hollowed out, crammed with hot fillings and topped with a bread ‘lid’.

Having developed the menu’s flavours, ingredients and cooking techniques, the four newly-evolved better breads fillings and three newly perfected sides are a healthier alternative for lunch-on-the-go or guilt-free dinner. Diners can choose their bread from an array of nutrient-rich loaves, with a further choice of four fillings and three toppings:

 -Yoga Bunny (enriched with green tea matcha)
-Gym Bunny (enriched with protein wholemeal)
-Happy Bunny (a brioche bun made with charcoal)
-Smart Bunny (the Gluten-free bread)

Better breads at Bunnychow

We chose the Happy Bunny (charcoal brioche) from the better breads, stuffed with pulled pork (marinated in coriander, sage, spring onion and pomegranate molasses with cloves, cayenne, fennel and peas), topped with a fennel slaw.

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We were pleasantly surprised that the bunny loaf was light with only a slight amount of the grittiness that can never be fully escaped when using charcoal. The pulled pork filling was punchy and contemporary yet still retaining flavours reminiscent of a traditional curry-filled bunny from Durban. The fennel slaw atop was crisp, light and fresh, so overall our choice of bunny, filling and topping had a balance of flavours and textures.

Bunnychow also offers exotic juices (with our without a cheeky shot of alcohol) created fresh by the chefs. On offer is a choice of Rabbit Punch, Hare of the Dog, Beach Bunny and Russian Buck. We enjoyed a refreshing Rabbit Punch (£3), made from juiced cucumber, mint, elderflower, lime and lemon.

Having also sampled the other juices on offer, we found all flavourful and fresh – unfortunately the sun was not yet over the yardarm, so we’ll wait until next time to try them with alcohol.

Better breads at Bunnychow

To accompany your bunny, three sides are available (£3 each), either pork ribs, spicy chicken wings or Bobotie meatballs. The chicken wings, marinated in mango chutney, are much like one of Madonna’s albums: sticky and sweet, they leave you wanting more. The meatballs are coated in some of the leftover breadcrumbs (from all the hollowed out bunnies), so don’t worry about any matcha-green hues and enjoy their tender moistness.

The venue does have a few seats but, as it’s situated in the middle of Soho, it’s a perfect location to pick up your better breads bunny to eat outside, away from the office grind.

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Bunnychow is located at 74 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0TE. More information is available at

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