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Kansas Smitty’s has become renowned for bringing its signature combination of jazz and juleps to their intimate basement bar in Hackney. From May, Kansas Smitty’s will partner up with a collection of exciting drinks brands for a series of monthly julep residencies. With a line-up ranging from established spirits like Bols Genever to new names like Our London Vodka, each spirit will work with the staff at Kansas Smitty’s to create a unique julep each month.

This classic American cocktail – traditionally a mountain of crushed ice, a generous pour of bourbon, a handful of mint and a lick of sugar – has been transformed by Kansas Smitty’s into a vehicle for experimental flavour combinations. Going against the grain, their juleps feature an array of spirits, and are inventively infused with all manner of ingredients from cardamom to tonka bean, liquorice root to grapefruit peel.

From May through to the end of the year, Kansas  Smitty’s menu will be headlined by a new julep to showcase some of the finest spirits from around the globe and the flavours that can be created with the julep concoction.

June: Bols Genever

Originating from the Netherlands in 1664, protected spirit Bols Genever was traditionally drank neat and is the root of the phrase  ‘Dutch courage’.  This unusual, old fashioned spirit brings together the compatibility of a white spirit and the complexity of a brown spirit.

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July: Glenrothes Vintage Reserve

Speyside Single Malt makers, Glenrothes, pride themselves on only bottling their whisky at the moment it reaches its peak of maturity and taste. The Vintage Reserves marry ten of the finest Vintages to create a mature yet vibrant expression that combines mellow oak and dried fruit flavours, as well as lemon citrus notes.

August: Our London Vodka

Hand bottled from a micro distillery under the arches in Hackney, Our London is a young pioneering brand producing wheat based vodka. Lifelong friends  Neil and Clive head up the London distillery and strive to use only locally sourced ingredients for their vodka making.

September: Wild Turkey

To celebrate Kentucky Bourbon Week in September, Kansas Smitty’s will utilise the classic American julep ingredient, bourbon, but in true KS style this julep will be far from traditional. Dubbed the ‘Buddha of Bourbon’, Wild Turkey  is headed up by legendary distiller Jimmy Russell  and legendary Kentucky born brand has paved the way for the bourbon industry.

October: Auchentoshan American Oak

The Auchentoshan distillery located deep in the lowlands of West Scotland has been creating single malt whisky  since 1800. The triple distilled American Oak is matured solely in American bourbon casks which contributes to its deep woody tones woody tones.

November: Jim Beam Double Oak

For Thanksgiving, drinkers will be transported back to rural Kentucky with a julep utilising one of the world’s best-selling Bourbon brands. Matured in charred American white oak barrels, adds perfect depths  due to the extra contact with the wood.

December: Bold London Spirit

This hand crafted bold aperitif was created by Tomas Lenko.  Led by the desire for naturally-flavoured bitter spirits and the love of quintessentially British flavours, Bold London Spirit is smooth, fruity and slightly  bitter. Similar to gin, it is a distilled neutral grain spirit, infused with tart sour cherries, botanicals and cassia bark.

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Kansas  Smitty’s, 63-65 Broadway Market, London, E8 4PH 6pm-12am

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