Come Pie With Me! – British Pie Week

Daniel John Lynch

This is my favourite time of the year. 3rd March – 9th March is British Pie Week!

It’s the one time of the year where you can gorge on this British classic and not feel that guilty. If anything, you’re encouraged to go out and superpies (there’s going to be a lot of puns in this article) yourself with these wonderful and delicious creations.

I myself have taken a Pie Pledge to eat nothing but pies all of next week. That’s 3 pies a day for 7 days. In pastry-case you can’t add, that’s 21 in total. Who ate all the pies? I BLOODY WELL DID!

Throughout the week, I’m going to be eating pies from pubs & restaurants, farmer markets, food halls, pie and mash shops and even attempting to cook myself. Yep, I’m going to review pieself (yeah, that one wasn’t that good. Sorry). Along the way, not only will I be reviewing the pies, but I will also be interviewing a plethora of people. Members of the public, chefs, pie experts and my housemates (they’re going to try my pie).

If you want to get involved with British Pie Week (and why wouldn’t you?), take a look at their website for great ideas and recipes ( Or better still, why don’t you make a Pie Pledge and do something interesting? Check out to find out what kind of pledges other people have made (there’s one involving python…yeah. I know). The Pierates are my new heroes. These guys (and gals) have reviewed 100’s of pies all across the country and really know their stuff. I feel like such a novice compared to them. Even if you don’t take up a Pie Pledge, still check out their site to see if there’s a rated pie shop near you.

As my pie challenge won’t finish until Sunday 9th March, the full feature won’t be out in Vada Magazine until the following Saturday (15th March). But don’t panic! You can follow me on Twitter, where I’ll be tweeting away like a mad man high on pie. Follow me @DanielJohnLynch. I’ll also be tweeting links to the videos of my interviews as well as photos. When tweeting me, don’t forget to use the has tags #BritishPieWeek, #Pie4EveryMeal and #PiePledge. On Monday, I’m going to be joined by one of the Pierates at M.Manze, London’s oldest pie and mash shop. So be sure to follow to get the link for the first video of many. You can also expect videos from Harrods, Borough Market, my house, and a few special guests.

So until next time, may the pie be with you!

keep calm eat more pies

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