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It’s February now and most healthy living resolutions have already been broken due to factors such as circumstance and lifestyle. I have myself fallen victim to breaking my healthy regime – tempted by some very unsavoury treats, telling myself that all I need is optimism to get back on track. For some the reason they shun healthy food is because there is a major miseducation that it’s bland and flavourless, ignoring the key benefits we can gain from healthy eating.

One of those nifty superfoods we’re all told to eat is a familiar one that most of us won’t have any trouble getting behind: coconut, and most importantly coconut water. Buko Organic Coconut Water’s message is ‘water with a conscience’. It’s full of vitamins and minerals, including potassium. It’s a natural isotonic, which makes it great for rehydration during workouts. It also contains anti-oxidants which regulate growth, development and ageing. But best of all, it’s a low-calorie drink with zero fat and zero cholesterol, and aids digestion, while cleansing the skin and improving circulation.

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The water is 100% pure and is very easy to drink with its sweet taste (but not overly sweet) and pleasant after taste. As a general rule of thumb, I couldn’t be more hydrated if I tried, due to drinking copious amounts of water all day. However, I noticed that just one carton of coconut water had the same effect for me as drinking at least three glasses of water. I felt greatly hydrated and I felt like I began to fuel my body with a super drink of nutrients.

The refreshing cleanse of the palate and great health benefits offered by the drink have seen a spike in its popularity over the last 18 months. More than just a fad, this is a drink that can enrich your health regime. Buko Organic Coconut water believe that whilst being healthy, delicious and organic, their main selling point is being 100% pure. In addition to this, their great and unique partnership with Cuipo has really allowed the product to stand out.

Cuipo themselves work with conscientious brands and companies around the world, to not only preserve but to protect our beautiful rainforests. This is achieved by taking a small donation from every product sale, which has already managed to buy and preserve 88 million square metres, since their inception in 2010.Buko are pioneers within the UK, being the very first brand based here to work with Cuipo. Each pack is unique with a unique code present, which represents ‘your’ square metre of rainforest. I’m a huge fan of ethically sourced products and putting money back into conservation and awareness, and this product is a credit to itself for such things.

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Whether you enjoy this product for its beautiful taste or the listed quality benefits, give yourself a pat on the back for helping to keep our world green.

For further information please visit: www.organicbuko.com

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