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Chilli Con Carne Ingridents

Ever since Monday, when Facebook basically became the weather channel, I have been thinking about coming home to warm cooked food. And so I thought that since the weather outside is so frightful I’d share with all of you my quite delightful Chilli recipe.


Takes about 30 min / Serves 4


Ingredients :

500g Minced Beef (lean if you really like)

1 spicy chorizo ring 225g

1 tin of chopped tomatoes

1 tin of mixed beans (not baked beans)

3 or 4 fresh chillies

Spices (Paprika and Cayenne Pepper)


1. Put a large wok on a medium heat and leave while you chop the chorizo into small discs and cut the chillies into nicely sized chunks.

2. Add a little oil to the wok (you wont need much at all) and then add the chorizo and gently fry. Be careful not to burn the chorizo. You just want it to be nicely softened. Once the chorizo is nice and soft, remove it and put it in a bowl. You should have lots of oil left in the pan at this point so just add the mince and chillies.

3. Once the mince is cooked through (it should have no pink bits left) re-add the chorizo and stir in the chopped tomatoes giving it a good mix. Once that’s done add the mixed beans. I got mine in chilli sauce so I just added the whole lot, but if you didn’t, make sure you drain them first.

4. Turn the heat down on your chilli but leave it bubbling gently. Shake a good helping of cayenne pepper over your chilli and mix it in to add some heat and do the same again with paprika to add a warm after-feeling. If you prefer your chilli on the spicy side do the same again with the cayenne pepper.

5. Start making your rice now and then by the time the rice is done your chilli will be ready as well. If you’re not making rice then leave your chilli for about 15min and it should be ready.

Serve with rice and pita bread with a bit of cheese on top of the chilli if you like. This also goes great with guacamole, sour cream and nachos, but it’s up to you how you serve it.


Chilli Con Carne

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