Chorizo burgers with fried egg – Recipe

Daniel Wren

This recipe for tasty beef and chorizo burgers, topped with fried egg, is inspired by London street food connoisseurs Spanish Lab, and we’re pleased to share it with you.


Makes 8 burgers

8 burger buns (brioche buns are best)
400g fresh cooking chorizo
400g beef mince steak
spices to taste
mature cheddar cheese
mixed leaves
8 eggs
olive oil


1. Peel the chorizo and blend with a sharp blade.
2. Place the beef and chorizo in a bowl with the spices. Mix gently, forming a soft red paste.
3. Portion the mix into eight 100g balls, shaping them with your hands.
4. Let the patties set for at least 2 hours.
5. Heat two pans until they start smoking hot.
6. In the first pan, pour a little amount of oil and fry the burgers for around 5 minutes on each side, adding salt to taste.
7. After flipping the first time, place a quarter of the vintage cheddar cheese on top of each burger to melt.
8. In the second pan, add plenty of oil to fry the eggs. Fry them to your desired style (sunny side up, over easy, etc).
9. Toast both sides of the open burger bun.
10. Add a bit of mayonnaise to one side and start compiling the burger, adding leaves, the burger pattie, cheese, and egg on top. Hold together with a bamboo skewer.

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Here’s how the masters do it (note that we adapted the recipe ever so slightly):

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