The Coupe Stack hits Selfridges this Christmas

Daniel Wren

Coupe Stack have launched a beautiful set of six stackable drinking glasses in time for the Christmas season available from Selfridges.

The ‘coupe’ (or ‘saucer’) became famous in prohibition-era America, where it was considered the most glamorous way to drink champagne. According to urban legend, the coupe is allegedly modelled after the breast of Marie ‘Let them eat cake’ Antoinette. The rumour of the coupe stack’s origin has it that after WWII, soldiers from the Allied forces discovered thousands of bottles of champagne in a cellar where they had sought sheltered. Excited by their find, they stacked the champagne glasses into towers, and poured the champagne from the top to create a waterfall effect.

Sure to wow at any Christmas party, the Coupe Stack is designed to take exactly one bottle of standard size champagne and will enhance any celebration. It allows for a dash of theatricality for guests, who can watch as the glasses slowly fill with bubbles from the top down. Simply pour your favourite posh quaff into the top coupe, and it will cascade down the tower like a ziggurat fountain.

The Coupe Stack also makes for a stylish Christmas present that comes with a champagne napkin, coasters and a cocktail guide (RRP: £70).

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The glasses are made from 50% recycled material, while the card box for transporting the glasses is made from renewable forestation sources.

For more information please visit or view how to use the Coupe Stack in this video.

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