Cuckoo Bircher muesli – Review

Daniel Wren

Cuckoo is a new brand of Bircher muesli, perfect for breakfast on the go.

Taking as its inspiration the hundred year-old Swiss recipe for Bircher muesli, Cuckoo consciously strives to bring together unique pairings of taste and texture for a new take on this traditional breakfast favourite.

Cuckoo Bircher muesli is packed with linseeds for crunch, juicy berries for tartness and flavour, and fruit compote for a touch of balancing sweetness. Each pot comes with bold colours, the high quality ingredients layered on top of each attractive other in a way that’s most appealing to the eye.

There are five different flavours on offer: Elderflower & Cranberry, Choco Sour Cherry and Mango & Coconut. They’re designed to be eaten on the move, and with an average of only 280 calories per 190g single-serve pot. They’re also low GI and full of fibre and protein, to satisfy your early morning hunger pangs or act as a wholesome dessert. Cuckoo muesli can also help lower cholesterol, with a typical pot containing up to 29% of your daily beta-glucan.

The Cuckoo Bircher muesli selection comprises five flavours, all priced at £1.99 for a 190g single-serve pot. Bith the Mango & Coconut and Apple & Cinnamon Spice flavours were winners of a Great Taste Award, too.

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Co-founders Lucy Wright and Anna Mackenzie are childhood friends with a passion for good food.

They said: ‘We thought the on-the-go breakfast and snack sector needed a fresh new brand which was as much a treat for the taste-buds as it was for your body.

‘Bircher muesli is a classic Swiss breakfast dish and we were keen to give it a fun, young and modern twist with recipes reflecting our taste for bold, interesting flavours, designed to be eaten at any time.’

Cuckoo is available at Waitrose, Spar, Booths, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Whole Foods and Freshways.

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