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I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22. It was my birthday yesterday and I can’t help but focus more intently on the inevitable journey towards my “very-early-to-early life crisis”. My hair is falling out in reams, my skin resembles the ass of a 42 year old man (in that it’s quite hairy, a bit spotty and unsuitable for the public eye) and, although I’ve been blessed with a reasonably fast metabolism, all of those hangover Domino’s are starting to take their toll on my frame. Whilst I’m not really in control of my hairloss or hormones, I can just about manage my intake of food and say what you will but eating healthily and staying full is hard work. Thus, I introduce to you the magical and nutritional world of Graze.

So what is Graze? It was started up 4 years ago by a group of friends who decided to address this whole “eating healthily” debate and show off just how delicious good foods can be. Whilst so many websites and diet plans focus on the meals you eat and the calories you absorb, Graze looks at just how effective in-between meal snacking really is. After years of success and an increase in staff, the website is still just as welcoming and wonderful as it used to be, and with a bigger budget, even more is offered to you. There is a real focus on individuality and not just surrounding the foods either – you feel really appreciated and cared for as a customer. It’s a ‘fun’ and laidback kind of approach to what is often very humourless and dull which is really refreshing and, more importantly, it is so easy to use.

the graze brownieHere is where you guys come in. Graze delivers a box of four healthy and delicious snacks to your door on whichever day of the week you see fit. The recyclable cardboard is thoughtfully made postbox sized so you needn’t be home when it’s delivered – it’s just simply a nice surprise once you’ve finished work. By clicking on the picture above, you’ll be taken to the website where you can sign up and receive your first box completely free (you’re welcome). With over 100 snacks now available, there are endless combination opportunities for your dream box, and what makes Graze even better is the potential to immediately stop inclusion of the foods you don’t like (olives that taste like the Devil’s faeces) and request speedy delivery of those which you want to indulge in (always the flapjacks).

You can choose between a variety of boxes to best suit your current “diet” plan (diet always sounds very serious, doesn’t it?). These range from super-healthy punnets of seeds and lentils (ergo, no fun mega diet packs) to the more popular ‘nibble boxes’ which contain dips, fruit, teas, cakes and the famous flapjacks. Although there are some obvious favourites amongst the reams of snack choices, I urge you to try something which you may not purchase outside of the Graze world – after all, eating sensibly is very much about trying new things. Each box costs £3.89, complete with free delivery, and whilst that may sound quite pricey for four punnets of goodness, it really does feel worth it once you’re tucking into a macaroon medley of white chocolate buttons, almond bites and dried coconut.

honeycomb crunch - milk chocolate coated honeycomb, raisins and almondsI was introduced to the website when a friend offered me a code for two free boxes and I’ve been with Graze ever since. I have absolutely no intention of stopping anytime soon and (whilst I can still afford it) I am substituting two pot noodles or a double whiskey and coke for my weekly box, and I’ve never been more content with a (dietary) decision. The punnets I’ve had have been out of this world (with a few disappointing additions which are outweighed by the endless surprises) and I’m always keen to try something new – I let the guys at Graze decide what’s going to be in my next box. Testing out the spectrum of snacks on offer has led me to make some new purchases and inspired healthy meal ideas too, all adding up to a move towards a healthier lifestyle for yours truly. Even if these snacks aren’t making me thinner, they’re delicious and significantly better for you than most other options out there.

So why not try a free box today? I’m not saying you look like a charity case, but times are tough and we’re balls deep in a recession right now, so I’d recommend taking anything free that’s offered to you and running with it. You never know, those four little punnets of joy could change your life forever. Or you could end up incessantly hating them. I know one thing for sure though: everyone needs to try the Graze brownie before they die.

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