Five Easter eggs to try this holiday period

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With the Easter holiday a week away, Vada Magazine rounds up a few alternative and unusual Easter egg options to try.

Lakrids by Bulow liquorice crispy caramel twisted banana egg

LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW – Easter collection

Returning for their second year, Danish confectionery brand LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW has brought back its untraditional ÆGG, filled with the finest chocolate coated liquorice. The ÆGGs come in two flavours: Twisted Banana – a rather sweet chocolate coating with hint of banana flavour; and the devilishly moreish Crispy Caramel speckled black-coated choice. A mixed jar of both flavours is also available for those who can’t choose between the two. Whichever flavour is of preference, this is definitely something to try that is unlikely to have yet made its way into Nigella’s lucrative liquorice box. Liquorice lovers will of course relish in these products, but LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW are on a mission to #sharewithahater by offering a free sample to everyone.

LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW jars are made with recyclable gift boxes and using recycled cardboard.

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Petrossian Almonds coated in lemon white chocolate Easter

Petrossian – Almonds coated in lemon white chocolate

As an alternative to the Easter egg, these roasted and caramalised almonds are coated in lemon flavoured white chocolate to produce an explosion of indulgence and perfectly balanced sharpness. The ideal sweetness and crunch to end any meal, or any snack-time over the Easter period. The almonds are packaged in an iconic Petrossian box in Easter-y yellow.

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Daylesford Organic Easter egg collection 2022

Daylesford Organic – Easter collection

Sustainable farm and leading organic food retailer, Daylesford Organic‘s has launched their Easter 2022 collection. This includes an array of delicious and indulgent treats including eggs made with sustainable, ethical chocolate, with fully recyclable packaging made using recycled materials.

Of particular interest are the clutch of Hand Painted Chocolate Eggs – six solid milk, white, dark & caramelised chocolate eggs inspired by British birds’ eggs, made with sustainably grown cacao. We were also enticed the alternative choice Praline English Asparagus Spears (five), painted with white chocolate. These are made by hand with sustainably grown cocoa. There are a variety of cute, painted easter eggs and hamper selections available too.

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Chococo dinosaur Easter Egg

Chocooco – Dinosaur Studded Easter egg

Chocolate fan favourite brand Chococo has brought out a dinosaur egg for the palaeontologists of all ages among us. The dinosaur eggs are handmade with layers of a chocolate shell, each egg half studded inside with mini dark & white chocolate dinosaurs & ammonites. Gently crack open the egg to reveal the real magic inside.

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Hotel Chocolat You Crack Me Up Easter egg

Hotel Chocolat – You Crack Me Up Easter egg

For a generous Easter egg option to keep the whole family smiling (well for the few minutes its being eaten), Hotel Chocolat have produced an opulent egg and crowd-pleasing mixture of mellow chocolates, their You Crack Me Up Easter egg.

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The chunky chocolate egg has a decadently thick shell packed with cacao and a little bit of extra texture. It might take a bit of force to get into. Alongside the shell (which is plentiful all by itself) egg-eaters will find an array of cute critters and quirky characters including bunnies filled with hazelnut praline and luscious, gooey caramel.

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