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British dinner tables are changing – drastically. Whilst everyone still loves a good Sunday roast, fish ‘n’ chips and the odd pie, our daily meal choices are moving with the times as we grow to understand the effects of what we eat. We’ve started opting for a wider variety of foods, many of which are slowly becoming diet staples.

Curious to know what people have started eating? Wanting to liven up your lunch this summer? Vada has picked out seven firm favourites that are good for your health and your tastebuds.

1. Flatbreads

Yes flatbreads have been annihilating the white loaf for the past year. Many people have given up on ham & cheese sandwiches and toast and have made the decision to liven up their lunch with the introduction of flatbreads (alongside pittas and wraps).

2. Sweet Potatoes

Yes, Charlotte, jackets and King Edward are out and sweet are in. The nation has been swapping its white potatoes for sweet potatoes and turning them into mash and jackets for quite some time now. They’re much healthier and if you want an added sweetness to your lunch and a need for less condiments – this is the way.

3. Avocados

It goes everywhere from in salads and smoothies to being a necessary topping on your toast (if you’re still eating toast). British YouTubers and bloggers are crazy about it and so is the rest of the nation by the looks of it. Green is certainly becoming an ever more popular colour on our plates and in our shopping baskets.

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4. Greek Yoghurt

Maybe it’s all down to that advert featuring Nicole Scherzinger …or maybe (and this is a more likely assumption) it’s not. Greek yoghurt has become a firm favourite as both a breakfast accompaniment and a condiment.

5. Coconut Water

This may be down to Rihanna, Madonna and every other celebrity who’s drinking it, but coconut water is making its way into everyone’s fridges and about time to. Coconut water and coconut oil should be firm kitchen staples everywhere. Coconuts are a special kind of healthy happiness.

6. Soya Milk

So if you’re lactose intolerant/sensitive, you’ve likely been friends with soya milk for a while (or you may be like me and not quite see eye to eye with it just yet). However, the rest of the nation seems to be opting for it as a healthier alternative to milk. So when you visit someone’s house now, you may be able to have a cup of tea without making specific milk requests. Small victories.

7. Lentils

I am in camp anti-lentils. Now that i’ve got that out of the way, Britain is on a lentils high at the moment. Sales are rocketing because everyone wants to add them to a salad or use them as a rice alternative. The lentils have most certainly landed.

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